KirkwoodGolf: Irish women's open amateur stroke play championship

Friday, April 08, 2016

Irish women's open amateur stroke play championship

Olivia Mehaffey shows her class  to lead by six
Full Scores – Available HERE

On a day downtrodden by rain and wind at the Island Golf Club, 
Olivia Mehaffey (Royal Co Down Ladies) didn’t fail to impress. 
With a round of 69 (CSS 80), Olivia leads the 71 person field by 

six shots from Jessica Ross (Donaghadee) and Chloe Williams 

(Wales) at the Irish women'open amateur stroke play championship.
A flawless front nine included 3 birdies and 6 pars. One dropped shot on the 11th was made up for when she carded an eagle 3 at the 18th
Commenting on her round, Mehaffey 

(pictured right) said ‘I played really 

steady today and if I got in trouble I 

recovered well. Kevin LeBlanc, 
caddied for me so he was a great help’
Asked about her eagle 3 on 18, she 

commented ‘I hit driver and then 3 

wood to 12 feet and holed the putt so 

that was a nice way to finish’.
Wind picked up as the day progressed but the majority of players battled through the testing conditions to sign off on round one and prepare for Saturday's second round.
 Mehaffey’s closest Irish competitors include Jessica Ross (Donaghadee) on 75 and Mairead Martin (Killarney) and Chloe Ryan (Castletroy) with scores of 77’s.  There will be a cut to 50 players (+ ties) after 36 holes.    
For all Championship information, including live scoring please follow this link: Irish Women’s Open Stroke Play Championship.  

CSS 80
1st Olivia Mehaffey(-4) Royal Co. Down Ladies69
2nd Jessica Ross(-2) Donaghadee Golf Club75
3rd Chloe Williams(-2) Wales75
4th Samantha Giles(-3) England76
5th Sophie Lamb(-3) England77
6th Mairead Martin(0) Killarney Golf Club77
7th Chloe Ryan(-2) Castletroy Golf Club77
8th Inci Mehmet(-3) England77
9th Hannah McCook(-1) Scotland77
10th Celina Rosa Sattelkau(1) Germany77
11th Bethan Popel(-3) England78
12th Niamh McSherry(-1) Lurgan Golf Club78
13th Gemma Clews(-2) England78
14th Isabella Holpfer(-3) Austria79
15th Cloe Frankish(-2) 79
16th Annabel Wilson(0) Lurgan Golf Club80
17th Gabrielle MacDonald(-2) Scotland80
18th Maria Dunne(-1) Skerries Golf Club80
19th Rochelle Morris(-2) England80
20th Paula Grant(-2) Lisburn Golf Club81
21st Lianna Bailey(-2) England81
22nd Natalie Wagner(-2) Germany81
23rd Gillian O'Leary(1) Island81
24th Holly Morgan(-2) England82
25th Gemma McCarthy(3) Clonmel Golf Club82
26th Valerie Clancy(2) Killarney Golf Club82
27th Sinead Sexton(-1) Lahinch Golf Club82
28th Fiona Liddell(-3) Germany82
29th Ava Bergner(-1) Germany84
30th Molly Dowling(1) Lucan84
31st Katrina Gillum(2) England84
32nd Olivia Winning(-2) England84
33rd Shannon Burke(2) Ballinrobe Golf Club85
34th Meadhbh Doyle(3) Portarlington Golf Club85
35th Hanna Gunther(-2) Germany85
36th Widya Van Velp(4) Netherlands85
37th Nina Lang(-1) Germany85
38th Sarina Schmidt(-1) Germany85
39th Aedin Murphy(1) Carlow Golf Club86
40th Fenja Rengstorf(1) Germany86
41st Mary Doyle(0) The Heath Golf Club86
42nd Shannon O'Dwyer(4) England87
43rd Monika Isabella Hartl(0) Germany88
44th Eva Lucia Linder(1) Germany88
45th Rebecca Earl(1) England88
46th Gertie McMullen(1) Island88
47th Marie Bechtold(1) Germany88
48th Hannah Leonie Karg(0) Germany88
49th Angharad Evans(2) Wales88
50th Emily Toy(0) England88
51st Hilary Hall(9) Enniscrone Golf Club89
52nd Nicole McGavisk(6) Donabate Golf Club89
53rd Talisa Brinker(5) Germany89
54th Emma Gilmore(5) Mountbellew Golf Club89
55th Elisa Corcoran(5) Grange Golf Club90
56th Rachel Thompson(5) Cork Golf Club90
57th Chiara Vikkula(4) Belgium90
58th Anna Maria Diederichs(0) Germany90
59th Maeve Kelly(5) Castle Dargan92
60th Jenny Hennessy(5) Lahinch Golf Club92
Sat 9th Player (Club)
08:00   Gillian O'Leary (The Island)
            Celina Rosa Sattelkau (Germany)
            Chiara Vikkula (Belgium)
08:10   Fenja Rengstorf (Germany)
            Aedin Murphy (Carlow)
            Angharad Evans (Wales)
08:20   Eva Lucia Linder (Germany)
            Molly Dowling (Ireland)
            Shannon O'Dwyer (England)
08:30 Starters Gap
08:40   Gertie Mcmullen (The Island)
            Christine Bitterle (Germany)
            Widya Van Velp (Netherlands)
08:50   Shannon Burke (Ballinrobe)
            Jenny Hennessy (Lahinch)
09:00   Shannon Brown (The Heath)
            Valerie Clancy (Killarney)
09:10   Victoria Craig (Royal Belfast)
            Gemma McCarthy (Clonmel)
            Meadhbh Doyle (Portarlington)
09:20 Starters gap
09:30   Zhane Mayo (England)
            Anna Courtney (The Island)
            Emma Gilmore (Mountbellew)
09:40   Talisa Brinker (Germany)
            Rachel Thompson (Cork)
            Maeve Kelly (Castle Dargan)
09:50   Rachael McDonnell (Elm Park)
            Elisa Corcoran (Grange)
10:00   Nicole McGavisk (Donabate)
            Hilary Hall (Enniscrone)
            Hororia Fogarty (Castlecomer)
10:10   Inci Mehmet (England)                                              
            Olivia Mehaffey (Royal Co. Down Ladies)                 
            Fiona Liddell (Germany)                                                                                            
10:20   Samantha Giles (England)                             
            Chloe Ryan (Castletroy)                                                                     
            Chloe Williams (Wales)                                                                                             
10:30   Sophie Lamb (England)                                  
            Jessica Ross (Donaghadee)                                                                
            Isabella Holpfer (Austria)                                                                                          
10:40   Bethan Popel (England)                                 
            Paula Grant (Lisburn)                                                                                                 
10:50   Rochelle Morris (England)                 
            Natalie Wagner (Germany)                           
            Niamh McSherry (Lurgan)                                                                                         
11:00   Cloe Frankish (England)                                 
            Hanna Gunther (Germany)                                                                
            Gabrielle MacDonald (Scotland)                                                                               
11:10   Gemma Clews (England)                               
            Nina Lang (Germany)                                                                                                
11:20   Lianna Bailey (England)                                 
            Ava Bergner (Germany)                                                                    
            Maria Dunne (Skerries)                                                                                             
11:30   Holly Morgan (England)                                
            Sarina Schmidt (Germany)                                                                
            Hannah McCook (Scotland)                                                                                       
11:40   Olivia Winning (England)                               
            Hannah-Leonie Karg (Germany)                                                                                            
11:50   Mairead Martin (Killarney)                           
            Anna-Maria Diederichs (Germany)                                                                           
12:00   Emily Toy (England)                                       
            Sinead Sexton (Lahinch)                                                         
            Nora Wrenger (Germany)                                                                                         
12:10   Annabel Wilson (Lurgan)                                           
            Monika Isabella Hartl (Germany)                                          
            Rebecca Earl (England)                                                                                             
12:20   Mary Doyle (The Heath)                                                                    
            Marie Bechtold (Germany)                                                               
            Katrina Gillum (England)