Friday, April 08, 2016

Roll up! Arbroath Smokie Seniors (July 20-21)  open to Lady pros, lady amateurs over age of 18

David  James, organiser of the Senior Golf Circuit for amateurs and
 professionals over the age of 48, is proposing to thrown the "Arbroath Smokie Seniors" t p;ournament (July 20-21, practice day July 19) open to ALL lady professionals over the age of 18.
Low handicap lady amateurs (5 and under, say) would also be welcome.
Will have more details shortly but put the dates in your diary.
If we can get enough ladies to enter then David might well make entry to ladies a regular feature of his Senior Golf Ciruit, which is completely separate from the European Senior Tour but also runs events all over the Continent.
Let me know if you are interested,  please.
Below is the original announcement about the "Arbroath Smokie Seniors" but I would stress again that it would be open to ANY lady pro or low handicap lady amateur over the age of 18.
Colin Farquharson  

Introducing the Arbroath Smokie Seniors for 

amateurs and pros over the age of 48

Have you ever wondered what happens to the hundreds of players who travel to the Senior Open Qualifying and do not make it through to the main event?  
Until now they have made a long sad drive home or moped around for a couple of days checking flights and tried to get on a local golf course.  
Well not anymore!  Following this year’s Monday Qualifying for the Senior Open at Carnoustie, we now have the Arbroath Smokie Seniors on July  20th and 21st
The practice round on the Tuesday is followed by 36 holes on the next two days.  Arbroath is a true, old links course, dating back to 1877, and is on the East coast of Scotland between Aberdeen and Dundee, only 10 minutes north of Carnoustie.  
The Arbroath Smokie Seniors  is open to amateurs and pros over the age of 48 and you do not have to play in the Senior Open Qualifying to be eligible.