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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

On your marks! Golf moves into the fast lane

Issued 25th July, 2017
Speedgolf  is attracting golfers and non-golfers to try the fun and athletic version of the game.

On your marks! Golf moved into the fast lane when players took up an invitation to try Speedgolf at special taster sessions in Cheshire and Staffordshire.
Speedgolf is the fast, fun and athletic version of the game where players jog between shots and can complete a full 18 holes in under 80 minutes.
The British Speedgolf tasters were supported by England Golf and proved a quick hit with the players. They took part in sessions over seven and eight holes, which are less daunting for those new to the sport and a great way to experience the format.
“What a rush, that was so much fun,” said Aaron Cove, who is a member at Bromborough Golf Club. “I seemed to play better when I didn’t have time to think.”
He took part in the session at Wirral Golf Club where PGA professional Sean Bailey commented: “It is great for the club to embrace a new format. We are willing to try anything that will increase awareness of the club and continue to breakdown the perceptions of golf.”
The opportunity appealed to golfers and non-golfers with runner Sarah Matthews remarking: “That was so much fun. I think I might book some golf lessons.”
Over at Trentham Park Golf Club the reaction was the same and general manager Jon Farmer said: “This is what golf is all about, opening your doors to try something new.”
Craig Smith said: “I’ve played golf since the age of four and have a handicap of 12. SpeedGolf is hard work but very enjoyable. The biggest surprise is how well you play because of not overthinking it”.
Rich Piggott added: “I’ve played golf on and off for 20 years. I also like to keep fit so SpeedGolf was a great opportunity to combine the two and not take up too much time.”
England Golf is partnering British Speedgolf through its Golf Express campaign, which encourages busy people to play more often by promoting shorter and quicker formats of the game.
Speedgolf will be showcased during England Golf Week in August with an event on the Bracken course at Woodhall Spa.
It will also be highlighted during Golf Express Month in September when 9-hole offers, shorter and quicker formats will be promoted to golfers to encourage them to keep playing through the autumn.
Claire Hodgson, England Golf Head of Participation, commented: “Speedgolf is great fun for players who enjoy a more athletic version of the game and we’re delighted to take it to a wider audience.”
Pam Painter of British Speedgolf added: “Speedgolf is always a surprise, not least that those who play often find it helps rather than detracts from their golf performance. Players should set their pace according to distance as well as their fitness, so it is nowhere near as daunting as people might think; you simply need to try it for yourself!”
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