KirkwoodGolf: 35th Bridget Jackson Bowl tee times for Tuesday, June 14

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

35th Bridget Jackson Bowl tee times for Tuesday, June 14

Katherine O'Connor, who recently retained the Welsh women's championship, is defending the title in the 35th Bridget Jackson Bowl at Handsworth Golf Club on Tuesday, June 14.
Order of play in the 36-hole event:
8.22 and 12.37
Elizabeth Prior (Burhill) and Holly Langford (Perton Park)
8.30 and 12.45
Elizabeth Haycock (Ladbrook Park) and Mollie Lawrence (Rochester and Cobham).
8.37 and 12.52
Katherine O'Connor (West Byfleet) and Eloise Healey (West Lancs).
8.45 and 13.00
Katie Warren (Wrag Barn) and Emily Coleman (Trentham)
8.52 and 13.07
Sarah Gee (West Wilts) and Megan Lockett (Huddersfield)
9.00 and 13.15ndr
Katrina Gillum (Lilleshall Hall) and Sophie Newlove (Beeston Fields).
9.07 and 13.22
Georgia Lewis (Southerndown) and Alexandra Saunders (Bristol and Clifton).
9.15 and 13.30
Ellie Brown (Barnham Broom) and Bethan Morris (Tenby)
9.22 and 13.37
Angharad Evans (St Pierre) and Jae Bowers (Prestbury)
9.30 and 13.45
Charlotte Taylor (Northamptonshire Co) and Ella Griffiths (The Vale Resort). 
9.37 and 13.52
Rhian Barton (Carden Park) and Lily Downs (Romanby)
9.45 and 14.00
Rhiannon Thomas (St Pierre) and Fiona McCann (Royal Cinque Ports). 
10.00 and 14.15
Jelina Fernando (East Sussex National) and Nicola Wainwright (Rhuddlan)
10.07 and 14.22
Cara Gainer  (Castle Royal) and Emily Brennan (Trentham)
10.15 and 14.30
Fern Clark (Beau Desert) and Shamiso Hatchard (Woburn)
10.22 and 14.37
Rachel Wainwright (Rhuddlan) and Ellie Darnell (Wellingborough)
10.30 and 14.45
Erin Toft (Northop) and Morgan Thomas (Beau Desert)
10.37 and 14.52
Lea-Anne Bramwell (Abergele) and Adelle Middleton (Coventry)
10.45 and 15.00 
Harriet Llewellyn (The Vale Resort) and Lauren-May Drake (Wallasey)
10.52 and 15.07
Georgia Pritchard (Beau Desert) and Amelia Easthope (Rhuddlan).
11.00 and 15.15
Amelia Taylor (Harwood) and Jasmin Pnaiser (Handsworth)
11.07 and 15.22 
Angharad Basnett (Aberdovey) and Ffion Tynan (Minchinhampton)