KirkwoodGolf: Zoe Morton wins girls' individual title at Crieff

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Zoe Morton wins girls' individual title at Crieff

Perth and Kinross Schools’ Golf Championships 2016

The Perth and Kinross Schools’ Golf championships were played at Crieff GC today

The day’s outstanding performance came from the 2015 Scottish boys’ matchplay champion Will Porter (Glenalmond College) who had a round of 72 to finish  six shots ahead of Rowan Carey (Strathallan School). 
Conditions were tricky as a strong Westerly wind brought a procession of very heavy rain showers.

The team championship was won by Glenalmond College showing the strength in depth at the College presently.

The girls' championship was won by Zoe Morton (Morrison’s Academy) following on from previous winners from the school including Carly Booth, Fiona Pennie and the Niven sisters, Roseanne and Annabel.

The handicap event was won by Jamie Killoch (Strathallan School) with a net score of 60 off a handicap of 25.
BOYS (Par 71)
72 Will Porter (Glenalmond Coll).   
78 Rowan Carey (Strathallan)
79 Jamie Roberts (Kinross High School, Calum Draper (Crieff High).
80 Fergus Skinner (Glenalmond Coll)
81 Jordan Chatt    (Glenalmond Coll), Niklaus Knall (Glenalmond Coll), Jamie Kerr
(Perth Acad).          
84 Andrew Thornton (Kinross High), Cameron Grieve (Glenalmond Coll).
85 Jamie Killoch (Strathallan), Andrew Montgomery (Crieff High), Campbell Watt   
(Perth Acad), Niall Draper (Crieff High).
86 Andrew Scott    (Morrison’s Acad).
87 Rory Ottley (Strathallan), Stewart Burns (Breadalbane Acad).
88 Charlie Stewart (Morrison’s Acad), Jamie Coupland (Morrison’s Acad),    Duncan
Lambie (Crieff High).
89 Pablo Messa    (Strathallan).
90 Jamie McPhee    (Crieff High)
91 Daniel Reilly (Kinross High)   
93 Atholl Davidson (Breadalbane Acad), Tom Morton (Morrison’s Acad).
94 Ben Anderson    (Perth Academy), Rory Bain (Strathallan), Jamie Nelson    (Kinross
High), Cameron Kerr (Perth Acad).
98 Cameron Scott (Morrison’s Acad).
102 Jamie McColl (Crieff High)
103 Calum Johnson (Breadalbane Acad)
104 Cameron Speedie (Crieff High)
106 Edward Hannay (Glenalmond Coll)   
110 Sean Menzies (Breadalbane Acad).
No Returns: Connor Hughes (Perth Acad), Campbell Gibson (Glenalmond Coll), George
Smith (Kinross High).

GIRLS (Par 74)

85 Zoe Morton (Morrison's Acad).
92 Katriona Taylor (Crieff High).
94 Shannon Pook (Strathallan).


60 Jamie Killoch (Strathallan) (25)
63 Jamie Kerr (Perth Acad) (18)
65 Andrew Montgomery(Crieff High) (20).

Best three individual scores to count
234 GLENALMOND COLL (Will Porter 72, Niklaus Knall 81, Jordan Chatt 81, Cameron
Grieve 84).
243 KINROSS HIGH (Jamie Roberts 79, Andrew Thornton 82, Finlay Hamilton 82, George
Smith NR).
252 CRIEFF HIGH (Callum Draper 79, Niall Draper 85, Duncan Lambie 88,Jamie McPhee
254 STRATHALLAN (Rowan Carey 78, Rory Ottley 87, Pablo Messa 89, Shannonb Pook 94).
259 MORRISON'S ACAD (Zoe Morton 85, Andrew Scott 86, Charlie Stewart 88, Tom Morton
263 PERTH ACAD (Jack Cahawn 84, Campbell Watt 85, Cameron Kerr 94, Connor Hughes
290 BREADALBANE ACAD (Stewart Burns 87, Atholl Davidson 93, Sean Menzies 110).