Friday, December 11, 2015

Shanshan Feng flies five strokes clear

FROM Bethan Cutler, LET Media Manager
DUBAI – Shanshan Feng calls Dubai her lucky place for a reason as she turned the Majlis course into her personal playground on “Pink Friday”, racing to a commanding five-shot lead going into the final round of the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters at Emirates Golf Club.

Two shots in front overnight, the world number six carded a 67 for the third day on the trot to reach 15 under for the tournament as her nearest challenger Dame Laura Davies slipped to 10th after a third-round 77.

Feng racked up five birdies in machine-like fashion on the front nine before dropping a shot at the 12th – her first in 48 holes. She made another bogey on the 15th, but rebounded with a birdie on the 17th, inexorably moving closer to winning a record third time in Dubai.

“Today, I think the front nine was really good. I had many birdie chances and a lot of them were really close. The back nine, well, I made a couple bogeys there. I think it just happens. It's normal because the day was a little bit more wind. So human beings, we're going to make mistakes. After that, I was happy that I made birdie on the 17th,” Feng said.

Feng was cruising with a 10 stroke lead after 11 holes but Thailand’s Thidapa Suwannapura, placed seventh overnight, fired a sizzling 65 – the tournament’s best score thus far – in windy conditions to jump to second on 10-under par.

The 2013 Hero Women’s Indian Open champion went to the turn in level par but picked up a stroke on the 10th before finishing with six straight birdies from the 13th for a back nine of seven under.

“I didn't think the back nine was easy,” said Feng, adding: “I think the back nine, maybe I misjudged the wind a couple of times. And then there was one poor drive on the 12th hole.”

Suwannapura raised her game on the back nine despite struggling to walk with a painful hip and glut injury.

The 22-year-old said: “Today I just see the line and my caddie, Matt, he's my friend, and he can see the same thing as me. Like, yeah, I like it, just knock it, and it's in. I'm like, yay.  Just keep going. It's not easy out there. I'm not expecting anything. I'm just hitting balls and trying to knock it on the green. Just par is fine for me.”

France’s Jade Schaeffer returned a 70 to end the day four strokes back in third position. The two-time LET winner, who last won in Prague in 2011, has only made 12 starts on tour this year and said: “I'm very happy, because I don't play a lot of tournaments this year and I'm just training a lot with a new coach. I'm so happy now that it's working good. Just my head, I feel very well and I hope tomorrow is good, too.”

Germany’s Caroline Masson and Melissa Reid from England share fifth spot a stroke further back, but they are 10 shots from the lead.

  par 216 (3x72)

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[+]11Shanshan Feng CHNF-15676767   201
[+]27Thidapa Suwannapura THAF-10697265   206
[+]35Jade Schaeffer FRAF-6697170   210
[+]422Caroline Masson GERF-5697567   211
[+]47Melissa Reid ENGF-5756670   211
[+]622Georgia Hall ENGF-4697568   212
[+]614Isabella Ramsay SWEF-4717269   212
[+]614Onnarin Sattayabanphot THAF-4737069   212
[+]63Pornanong Phatlum THAF-4716873   212
[+]102Laura Davies ENGF-3686877   213
[+]1141Joanna Klatten FRAF-2767068   214
[+]1132Margherita Rigon ITAF-2737269   214
[+]1132Nontaya Srisawang THAF-2757069   214
[+]1132Rebecca Hudson ENGF-2737269   214
[+]1122Kelsey Macdonald SCOF-2737170   214
[+]1122Diana Luna ITAF-2697570   214
[+]1114Alexandra Vilatte FRAF-2737071   214
[+]1110Emma Cabrera-Bello ESPF-2717172   214
[+]1948Lydia Hall WALF-1757268   215
[+]1941Whitney Hillier AUSF-1737369   215
[+]1922Carly Booth SCOF-1737171   215
[+]1922Stacey Keating AUSF-1747071   215
[+]1910Malene Jorgensen DENF-1707273   215
[+]2441Anne Van Dam NLDFE717570   216
[+]2422Lucie Andre FRAFE717372   216
[+]2414Camilla Lennarth SWEFE707373   216
[+]2410Gwladys Nocera FRAFE717174   216
[+]2410Sarah Kemp AUSFE736974   216
[+]2948Emily Kristine Pedersen DENF+1697870   217
[+]2932Ursula Wikstrom FINF+1757072   217
[+]2932Charley Hull ENGF+1727372   217
[+]2922Elisa Serramia ESPF+1687673   217
[+]297Liz Young ENGF+1667576   217
[+]295Ariane Provot FRAF+1736777   217
[+]293Caroline Hedwall SWEF+1716878   217
[+]3659Nicole Broch Larsen DENF+2747470   218
[+]3648Maria Mcbride SWEF+2717671   218
[+]3648Holly Clyburn ENGF+2757271   218
[+]3632Beth Allen USAF+2707573   218
[+]3614Carmen Alonso ESPF+2667775   218
[+]4159Pamela Pretswell SCOF+3727671   219
[+]4159Isabelle Boineau FRAF+3737571   219
[+]4148Marion Ricordeau FRAF+3747372   219
[+]4148Caroline Martens NORF+3737472   219
[+]4132Amy Boulden WALF+3717474   219
[+]4132Rebecca Artis AUSF+3707574   219
[+]4114Nanna Koerstz Madsen DENF+3707376   219
[+]4114Valentine Derrey FRAF+3766776   219
[+]4114Louise Stahle SWEF+3697476   219
[+]5048Sally Watson SCOF+4737473   220
[+]5041Titiya Plucksataporn THAF+4707674   220
[+]5041Stacy Lee Bregman RSAF+4747274   220
[+]5032Maha Haddioui MARF+4697675   220
[+]5022Daisy Nielsen DENF+4747076   220
[+]5559Sophie Giquel-Bettan FRAF+5727673   221
[+]5559Eleanor Givens ENGF+5767273   221
[+]5548Nina Holleder GERF+5697874   221
[+]5522Klara Spilkova CZEF+5747077   221
[+]5948Victoria Lovelady BRAF+6747375   222
[+]5941Steffi Kirchmayr GERF+6737376   222
[+]5941Celine Herbin FRAF+6707676   222
[+]6259Ashleigh Simon RSAF+7727675   223
[+]6248Sophie Sandolo ITAF+7767176   223
[+]6459Sophie Walker ENGF+9757377   225
[+]6559Connie Chen RSAF+10757378   226
[+]6548Chloe Leurquin BELF+10747379   226
-67  Marianne Skarpnord NORCut57673      149
-67  Noora Tamminen FINCut57574      149
-67  Becky Brewerton WALCut57475      149
-67  Vikki Laing SCOCut57475      149
-67  Sophia Popov GERCut57475      149
-67  Lina Boqvist SWECut57376      149
-67  Caroline Afonso FRACut57376      149
-67  Lien Willems BELCut57277      149
-67  Kusuma Meechai THACut57277      149
-76  Emma Westin SWECut67872      150
-76  Ann-Kathrin Lindner GERCut67278      150
-76  Amelia Lewis USACut67080      150
-79  Florentyna Parker ENGCut77774      151
-79  Holly Aitchison ENGCut77675      151
-79  Cathryn Bristow NZLCut77477      151
-79  Elisabeth Esterl GERCut77180      151
-83  Patricia Sanz Barrio ESPCut88072      152
-83  Trish Johnson ENGCut87775      152
-83  Olivia Cowan GERCut87676      152
-83  Emma Goddard ENGCut87577      152
-83  Maria Balikoeva RUSCut87478      152
-83  Marina Alex USACut87280      152
-89  Monique Smit RSACut98073      153
-89  Christine Wolf AUTCut97875      153
-89  Alex Peters ENGCut97677      153
-89  Minea Blomqvist FINCut97479      153
-93  Stephanie Na AUSCut107975      154
-93  Kylie Walker SCOCut107975      154
-93  Felicity Johnson ENGCut107777      154
-93  Tonje Daffinrud NORCut107579      154
-93  Hannah Ralph ENGCut107579      154
-98  Fabienne In-Albon SWICut117877      155
-98  Bonita Bredenhann NAMCut117679      155
-98  Elina Nummenpaa FINCut117283      155
-101  Csilla Lajtai-Rozsa HUNCut127878      156
-101  Paige Spiranac USACut127779      156
-101  Nicole Garcia RSACut127680      156
-101  Bree Arthur AUSCut127581      156
-105  Carin Koch SWECut147880      158
-105  Linda Henriksson FINCut147583      158
-107  Hannah Burke ENGCut158079      159
 RETD  Leigh Whittaker GER