KirkwoodGolf: Lyon double foursomes inter-club match-play

Monday, August 03, 2015

Lyon double foursomes inter-club match-play

Home comforts for Deeside - through to sem-final clash with 

Hazlehead; Murcar Ladies play Aberdeen Ladies

Host club Deeside are through to a Tuesday morning semi-final against Hazlehead in the Aberdeenshire Ladies County Golf Association's Lyon inter-club double foursomes match-play tournament at the Bieldside venue.
In the other semi-final it will be Murcar Links 1 v Aberdeen Ladies 1. Murcar Links are the holders of the trophy.

Hazlehead bt Aboyne by 11 holes (9-0, 2-0)
Cruden Bay bt Murcar Links 2 by eight holes (1-0, 7-0)
Murcar Links 1 bt Nwmachar by 11 holes.
Banchory bt Duff House by three holes.
Aberdeen Ladies 2 bt Ballater by four holes.
Byes: Deeside, Kemnay, Aberdeen Ladies 1
Deeside bt Kemnay by four holes (F Hay, S Black 5, C Whicher, Y Moir 0; K Teow. R Anderson 0, J Whit4ehead , Y Richal 1).
Hazlehead bt Cruden Bay by three holes (J Mackintosh, M Adam 2, K Stalker, K Esslemont 0; S Marshall, K Emeleus 1, W Robertson, L Terry 0).
Murcar Links 2 bt Banchory by 20 holes (J Henderson, C Wilson 14, T Halliwell, S Black 0; K Thomson, T Seivwright 6, K Taylor, A Cousland 0).
Aberdeen Ladies 1 bt Aberdeen Ladies 2 by four holes (F Seedhouse, L Whyte 4, J Farquharson, L Marnoch 0; E Whyte, K Watt 0, M Finnie, A Twomey 0). 
Deeside v Hazlehead
Murcar Ladies 1 v Aberdeen Ladies 1