Five Brits playing in the Lady Pirate Intercollegiate  tournament at Greenville GC, North Carolina were subjected to a 2-3 hour disruption due to thunder and lightning in round 1, played four holes in round 2, then that was scratched due to more rain, then, heading to the course this morning, found it was waterlogged!
it would be good when Golfstat are covering an event to actually relay this information to people tuned in from afar. It's not difficult to put a message on the tournament website.
I was lucky, i knew the situation. So it ended up being an 18 hole event, and Old Dominion University's Liz Haycock (West Midlands), pictured, shone for the Brits with a 72 in a tie for 4th. 
With a further contribution, a 77, from Kimmy Bradbury (Derbyshire), saw ODU finish in third place on 301 in a very strong event.
Suffolk's Heidi Beck (Maryland) returned a 78, Georgia State's Mel Siviter (West Midlands) scored 80, and Lincolnshire's Kirsty Condon (Radford) an 85. Heidi's Maryland team-mate Juliet Vongphoumy was medallist with a 68.