Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Reference Martin Dempster article on clubgolf
Response from Aileen Hunter, Monifieth

I'm not sure if I can comment on the success or otherwise of clubgolf, although it's always seemed woolly to me. However, what I can say, from experience, is that the only successful way to get children into golf clubs (girls particularly) is if clubs themselves recruit them from schools and then provide regular and sustained coaching and encouragement on the practice ground and on the golf course.
The trouble is, like everything else, club members often don't have the time to dedicate a couple of evenings a week to supervise, not to mention keeping up with the constant stream of telephone reminders about coaching and competition entries - and that's the kind of commitment needed to get juniors into golf and keep them there.
Even then, numbers will fall off - but with a natural swing developed there's much more chance of people taking up the game again in later life and still being good at it.
Aileen Hunter
Response from Mairi Orr, past Northern Counties LGA captain.
Congratulations for airing this story on your websites. Also many congrats to Jenny Souden (see her E-mail on for bringing this issue to the "public domain."
Would it be possible for clubgolf to give us a breakdown of their costs and salaries over the last few years as I believe it would be very interesting to see how much is given by Government and how much is chewed up by clubgolf. The answers would reveal how much goes on administration.
Mairi Orr