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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

LGU recruiting....

Position of LGU Director – Marketing and Sponsorship

Founded in 1893, the Ladies’ Golf Union (“LGU”) is the encompassing body for ladies’ amateur golf in Great Britain and Ireland. The LGU has undertaken a review of its structure and governance arrangements and the changes recommended by the Executive Council were approved at the Annual General Meeting in January 2010. As part of this review, the activities, assets, debts, obligations and liabilities of the LGU, except the golfing memorabilia and properties, have transferred to a subsidiary company LGU Championships Limited (“LGUCL”). The LGU and LGUCL together form the LGU Group.

The primary objectives of the LGU Group are to advance and safeguard the interests of ladies’ golf, to represent the interests of ladies’ and girls golf, and to preserve and maintain the collection of golfing memorabilia and trophies owned by the LGU. In addition, the LGU Group owns the Ricoh Women’s British Open (one of the four Major Tournaments for Professional Women golfers), and has responsibility for running other British Championships and Home International events, and preparing the Great Britain and Ireland teams for representative matches, such as the Curtis Cup and the Vagliano Trophy.

The ordinary members of the LGU are the National Organisations (English Women’s Golf Association Ltd, Irish Ladies’ Golf Union Ltd, Scottish Ladies’ Golfing Association Ltd and the Golf Union of Wales Ltd), while the LGU is the sole shareholder in LGUCL.The activities of the LGU are managed by the Executive Council, the members of which also serve as Directors on the Board of LGUCL.
When complete, the Executive Council of the LGU and the Board of LGUCL will consist of the President, one representative of each of the four National Organisations, two nominated individuals and an independent Chairman. The Chairman, President, National Organisation representatives and one nominated individual are in place, and the LGU Group is seeking to appoint a Director responsible for Marketing and Sponsorship.


Working closely with the Executive Council / LGUCL Board in governing the general operations of the LGU Group, the successful candidate will be responsible for liaison with the CEO to develop an effective marketing and sponsorship strategy.

- To contribute through the Executive Council / Board to the ongoing development of the LGU Group and the achievement of targets identified in the Strategic and Business Plans.
- As a member of the Executive Council / Board, to work in conjunction with others within the LGU Group to develop and plan the on-going delivery of the Group strategy.
- As a member of the Executive Council / Board, to work in conjunction with others within the LGU Group to develop and plan the delivery of a marketing strategy.
- To work with the CEO to improve the corporate identity of the LGU Group and promote ladies’ golf in general.
- To actively seek introductions to potential sponsors of the LGU for the staff team and support the sponsor programmes in general.
-To advise on the development of the LGU Group as a brand.

Position of LGU Director – Marketing and Sponsorship
- To advise on possible means of supporting and promoting both existing and future LGU events and operations in conjunction with the staff.
- To support the staff team in implementing the marketing strategy.

Person Specification
- Strong business experience.
- Practical knowledge of marketing and sponsorship.
- Previous experience of chairing an organisation.
- Practical experience of governance in a golf organisation.
- Excellent communication skills both oral and written.
- Interest in and demonstrable knowledge of ladies’ golf.
- Enthusiastic about advancing and safeguarding the interests of ladies golf.

The post is open to members of clubs affiliated to one of the ordinary members of the LGU, and is a voluntary role. The Director will be reimbursed out of pocket expenses incurred in fulfilling the role.

Commitment / Time Required.
The role requires an average commitment of approximately 2 days per month.

Application Procedure
Suitably qualified individuals are invited to express an interest by sending a letter enclosing current curriculum vitae to, Shona Malcolm, CEO, Ladies Golf Union, The Scores, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland KY16 9AT Email:  
The closing date for receipt of expressions of interest is 31 May 2010.