KirkwoodGolf: Field for southern Spain from February 10-23 is filling up

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Field for southern Spain from February 10-23 is filling up

Bound for Spain: That's Lisa Barton (action image by courtesy of Tom Ward)

Another two players have entered the Hacienda del Alamo Women's Winter Golf Festival.
They both come from Warwickshire:
Charlotte Dalton from Solihull and a member of Ladbrook Golf Club. Charlotte has a handicap of 3 and will be 19 years old on January 22.
She had a good run through to the semi-finals of this year's English girls' championship at Old Ford Manor Golf Club. Qualifying for the match-play stages in 15th place, Charlotte had two good wins in reaching the last four. She beat the No 2 seed Hannah Barwood (Knowle) by 2 and 1 in the round of the last 16 and then she won at the 19th against Sian Evans (Faversham), the No 7 seed, in the quarter-finals.
In the semi-finals, Charlotte lost by 5 and 4 to the No 3 seed, Katie Best from Sherwood Forest.
Lisa Barton lives in Coventry and is a member of Coventry Golf Club. She has a handicap of 2 and is an experienced Warwickshire county team player. Lisa was a member of the Warwickshire team that reached the last four of the English county championship in 2004 at High Post Golf Club, Salisbury in Wiltshire. They lost only by 5-4 to the eventual champions Yorkshire.
Lisa is a regular competitor in English Ladies Golf Association tournaments and obviously wants a fast start to the 2008 season by getting an edge on her game during the Festival, to be held at the five-star Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort in the southern Spanish area of Murcia.
*Thanks to Lyndsey Hewison, Press Officer of ELGA, for supplying both the smaller pictures of Charlotte (left) and Lisa (right).


Lauren DIGGLE (Wales).
Danielle MASTERS (England)
Natasha MORGAN (Wales)
Lien WILLEMS (Belgium).

Orla BARRY (Galway, Ireland) handicap 5.
Lisa BARTON (Coventry) handicap 2.
Anna CARLING (Vale of Glamorgan) handicap 4.
Charlotte DALTON (Ladbrook Park) handicap 3. Age 19 on January 22, 2008
Cara EASTON (Dalmahoy) handicap 8. Age 15.
Mandy EASTON (Dalmahoy) handicap 5.
Rebecca GEE (Wellingborough, Northants) handicap 5. Age 16.
Kirsten MacCALLUM (McDonald Ellon) handicap 20. Age 14.
Lauren MacCALLUM (McDonald Ellon) handicap 7. Age 17.
Mary MacLAREN (Wellingborough, Northants) handicap 4.
Meghan MacLAREN (Wellingborough, Northants) handicap 7. Age 13.
Emily OGILVY (Auchterarder) handicap +1.
Rhian Wyn THOMAS (Vale of Glamorgan) handicap 1. Age 20.
Michele THOMSON (McDonald Ellon) handicap +1. Age 19.
Jane TURNER (Mortonhall) handicap scratch. Age 18.

To be confirmed:
Rachael LIVINGSTONE (Musselburgh Old) scratch. Age 19.

+++E-mail your Hacienda del Alamo Women's Winter Golf Festival entry direct to Tournament Controller Colin Farquharson:, telling him whether you are a professional or an amateur; if an amateur, then please give date of birth if under 20, home golf club, home city, current handicap.

The handicap limit has been raised to 20.