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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Way We Were (2):

Angus County teams
of the 1950s

FROM JEN PETRIE, Ladies Panmure Barry GC & past Angus County captain.
As I was idly surfing the net tonight, I browsed into Kirkwood Golf News and did a double take when I saw the picture of the Aberdeenshire county team of 1950 at Carnoustie. A dig through some boxes in my attic has come up with the identical one of the Angus team at the same event (see above)!
My mother, Margaret Bruce Smith, played for the Angus team in the 50s, and she is at the back left of the picture. I am not sure of the other names, but think Bessie Tocher is back right and Jean Lawson is front right.
At the same time, I found another photo (on right) of the Angus team in 1952 - again my mother is at the back left, and front right I think is Betty McInroy.
I think that at least one of these photos is in our county archive photo albums and probably some of the other names are listed there.
Aileen Hunter ( writes:
I think the lady right of centre, middle row, with the blouse collar over her jumper is Winnie Hay. She used to live on the golf links at Monifieth until she passed away a couple of years ago. Her daughter, Ann Hay played for Angus too, I'm sure.
Will let you know if I hear of any of the other names - Kathleen Sutherland's bound to know a few!!

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