Sunday, December 09, 2007

Germany uber alles for golf-playing ladies!

Some interesting statistics about women's golf in Europe from the Qtee website (

Golfing women in Europe
Over one million women play golf in Europe today.
This number has increased greatly over the past few years. The Swedish ladies are in second place after the German ladies.
The golf culture is different in some aspects from country to country.
Through Qtee Europe you can learn more about how female golf works in other countries.

Ladies playing golf in Europe today:

Germany 167,050.
Sweden 163,008.
England 131,002.
France 92,892.
Holland 80,000.
Spain 64,383.
Ireland 47,500.
Denmark 36,840.
Scotland 30,134.
Norway 30,000.
Austria 28,191.
Finland 26,861.
Italy 21,483.
Belgium 14,747.