Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Great Britain & Ireland team captain Ada O'Sullivan quotes (after Vagliano Trophy victory) at Co Louth Golf Club.

The standard of golf was some of the best I've seen from lady amateurs. In fact, I don't think I've seen better at a (lady) pro tournament. And that's not just my view. I've talked to people who been at Killarney and other Irish venues this year and they agreed with me. The golf has been superb. Most of the matches were won with under-par golf.

"Danny" (Masters) is a showgirl. She loved it. Absolutely loved it. I went over to her on the 18th and asked her: "Do you realise what you have to do?" And she said: "Yes, I know we need at least a halved match."
On the green, she said to me: "Ada, I've dreamed of a moment like this all my life and I'm loving it."
I was never in any doubt that we were going to win even when things were beginning to drift away from us. I did think that Trish Mangan would come back (from falling behind) and I did think that Vikki Laing would come back.
But I always knew I had Danielle as the banker in the eighth position. As long as she was all square, I knew she would rise to the occasion if it came down to that.

I have to hand it to the Continentals. I thought there would be a backlash after we went 5pt ahead with eight singles to go. And there was. They played simply superbly in that final session and it was the most difficult of the four with the strongest wind. They just hit the ball better than we did in these conditions.

I think our victory in the Vagliano Trophy is brilliant for British golf. We've had good teams playing for Great Britain & Ireland over the past 10 years but, for some reason, they've not won. To be honest, on paper, I don't think this GB&I team was as good as some chosen in the past but the big difference was that this set of players believed in themselves, believed they could win. They were a great team, with special emphasis on the word team.
None of them minded if I left them out of any session of play. All of them thought they had let the team down if they did not win a tie. They were prepared to fight and die for each other. It really was a magnificent team spirit established within the team through the build-up and it was a vital factor over the two days of the match. You cannot buy that sort of advantage.

This result is a massive boost for our hopes of winning back the Curtis Cup from the Americans next year. In my opinion, I think we simply had to regain the Vagliano Trophy to have any chance of beating the United States at Formby next June.
Never mind that four, maybe five of the team that has won the Vagliano Trophy may have turned professional before next year. The players who have have been here at County Louth this week and are selected again for the Curtis Cup match will go there, knowing that we can win. It's a big, big plus.