Thursday, May 22, 2003

Claire went two up with an eagle 3 at the second and a birdie 3 at the third and Lynn did not win a hole until the sixth where her opponent three-putted. Claire emphasised her domination by winning the short eighth with a birdie 2 (an eight-iron to 10ft) and a eagle 2 at the ninth which she continues to drive almost every round. This tee shot was to within 20ft of the cup.
Kenny hit back by winning the 10th to cut the deficit to two holes but that was her last success. Hargan took the 11th and 12th to go four up before the 13th was halved in birdie 4s. Halves at the 14th and 15th ended the match
Laura was favourite to win this quarter-final against her Iowa State University colleague, at whose Dunfermline home she has been living all week, when she was three up at the turn. Laura had birdied the second and third to go to up but it was give-and-take over the next few holes with Louise birdieing the fifth to be followed by a birdie for Laura at the fifth.
Kenney won the sixth to be only one down after Laura three-putted. Wells then won the seventh with a par and the short eighth with a birdie 2 (a six-iron and 15ft putt) to be three up, a lead which was maintained with a half in birdie 3s at the ninth and halves in pars at the 10th and 11th.
Louise then came with a rush to square the match, winning the 12th with a par, the 13th with a birdie and the 14th with a par.
The 15th was halved in 4s. Laura edged ahead again with a par at the 16th but then threw away her advantage by driving out of bounds at the 17th. All square on the 18th tee, Louise's tee shot came to rest on the tarmac road that bisects the fairway. Not surprisingly, she did not make a good connection with her approach shot and the ball came up short of the green in the Valley of Sin. From there, Kenney took another three shots to get down and a par-4 put Laura into the semi-finals.