KirkwoodGolf: Interviews with Laura Davies and Georgia Hall.

Friday, February 09, 2018

Interviews with Laura Davies and Georgia Hall.

Early first-round interviews 
ActewAGL Canberra Classic, Royal Canberra Golf Club, ACT, Australia
Friday 9th February 2018
Interviews with  Laura Davies and Georgia Hall.
Laura Davies 68 (-4)
After a great start, it was a disappointing finish because I pulled an eight-iron. It was just one bad tee shot on the eighth. I mean, I hit a bad tee shot on nine, but that was as a result of the shot I hit on eight, so I’m disappointed with that, because I had a putt on four to go eight under and it looked in all the way but didn't go in and then I three putted the next. I didn’t birdie the par five, drove it pin high on the par four and didn’t birdie it, so it could've been anything out there today I think four under is a poor score at the end of the day.
I putted great and the hole looked like a bucket for the front nine. It couldn't have been any less really, I holed all my birdie putts, so it was really good but the front nine just cost me a bit and I don't really know why. It was just one poor shot. 
If I I’d holed the birdie putt on the par four and then birdied the next two where I was within 15 yards of the pin either time, I could have shot 10-under. I hit an 8-iron. It was in between a big eight and a little seven. It was just a poor shot. 
I think the score’s here are going to be really good because the course is quite short. So if I shot three 68s I wouldn't win, so I've got to get better.
Jiyai’s been playing great, so you could see her shooting a couple of 67s and what’s that, let’s say 17-under, that wouldn’t surprise me.
This morning I was hitting really good straight shots and had some great straight putts. I had putts up the hill and good chances and I holed them.
I was just one poor shot. If it pitched in the bunker, it would have been okay, but it pitched on the back of the bunker and shot down the hill and I had an impossible shot and then the third shot was a little bit unlucky. I tried to putt it and it hit a bit of grass and shot up in the air. 
There was a little bit of a breeze but it’s always harder in the afternoon. If you get a good morning, it's always easier.
Georgia Hall 69 (-3) 
How do you access your round today?
It was good, I holed some good putts but I think I made a couple of silly mistakes on two of the par-5s that I should have birdied and I ended up bogeying one of them. I think the greens are completely different to the Pro-Am yesterday, on the first hole I rolled it past by 8 foot, they are very fast and tricky so you have to be careful.
Do you think you left a few shots out there today?
Yes definitely, especially on the two reachable par-5s. I played well out there, holed some good putts and hit it close a lot but there is more to come from me tomorrow.
What are your goals for the next two days?
To try and win the tournament. I played with Jiyai today and her putting was unbelievable, it’s the best I’ve ever seen anyone putt in my life. I enjoyed watching it to be honest because I was expecting her to hole everything and she pretty much did. She must have had around 21 putts! 
What can you learn from Jiyai?
She simply did nothing wrong the whole time. It has made me think I need to practice my putting, as I thought I was a good putter! She’s very good, I think she will be hard to beat this week.