Wednesday, February 07, 2018


Pre-tournament interview

Canberra Classic, Royal Canberra Golf Club, Canberra, Australia
Wednesday 7th February 2018
Catriona Matthew

How do you feel to be back in Australia?
It's great to be back in Australia and I've always enjoyed coming here over the years. I've got my brother, David, coming down at the weekend and it will be nice to get some warm weather.

What are your memories of playing here at Royal Canberra in 2013?
I think the kangaroos are the first thing that come to mind when I think of this golf course. I recognise a few of the holes, but once I get out on the golf course I'm sure that more of them will come back to me.

What's your preparation been coming into this week?
I've been doing a lot of practice at home and I've got a net set up in my garage. I was just saying to my caddie that's it's funny hitting off the grass, but I've been practising my swing and working quite hard at home in the garage.

What are your goals for this week?
My goal for this week is obviously to try and win the tournament, but just to get three good rounds in, which will be good preparation for the Women's Australian Open next week. The weather has been pretty poor at home so I've not been out on the golf course much at all.

Do you have any Solheim Cup activities planned?
I think it's a little early for that as it's still 18 months out. It's always there in the back of your mind and you're looking at the performances of the other players.
Have you been up to Gleneagles recently?
I've not been up there recently but I probably will in the Spring. They are doing some renovations, so we'll go up and be stunned by that when they're finished.
When they see it for the first time, certainly the ones who have played in a Solheim Cup, will love the fact that we're staying on site. The hotel and the facilities are probably the best we'll ever have had for where we're staying so they will be blown away by it.

Do you have any other plans in Australia?
Definitely not this week, I'll just be trying to get over the jet lag.

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