KirkwoodGolf: Thorpeness Golf Pro's BIZARRE BIRDIE - Ural Owl Rescue

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Thorpeness Golf Pro's BIZARRE BIRDIE - Ural Owl Rescue

Christine Langford with Leiston Owl Keeper Alec Mayhew and Dawn the Ural Owl
Christine Langford helps rescue rare URAL OWL at risk from Storm Brian

(Thorpeness, Suffolk – October 24, 2017) Christine Langford, Head Professional at Thorpeness Golf Club and Hotel, earns a living making birdies but spent her last day off helping rescue Dawn – one of a pair of Ural owls – on the loose in Leiston, Suffolk.

Dawn escaped from owner Alec Mayhew’s aviary, along with partner Misty, around two weeks ago and was feared lost until a sighting in Leiston last Thursday.

As high winds from Storm Brian threatened to blow the rare owl away, the search to find her brought owl enthusiast Alec into contact with one of the UK’s most decorated female golf professionals.

“I’d seen TV and radio appeals calling for people to help find Dawn and was becoming increasingly worried for her safety as the severe winds were forecast at the end of last week.

When she was spotted in the woods opposite my house, Alec rang the doorbell on Friday at 8.30am and I knew this was our best chance to reunite her with him and his amazing family of 37 owls,” said Christine Langford.

Christine, an honorary member of the PGA (Professional Golfer’s Association) and a founding member of the Ladies European Tour, set out with Alec holding a collection of nets, extension poles and her camera to try and bag the bird, which is most commonly found in Europe and Northern Asia.

“After around three hours of chasing Dawn through several residents’ gardens, Alec managed to net her while she rested on a garden fence. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when we finally got her.

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I’ve certainly never cried after making a birdie before,” added Christine, who has five wins on the Ladies European Tour.

According to owl keeper Alec Mayhew, owls don’t eat or drink when they’ve flown the nest, so it was estimated that Dawn could only have survived for a few more days.

“In 30-years playing professional golf, this is easily my most special birdie. I’m delighted for Alec and Dawn and would like to thank all the people in Leiston, Suffolk, who made us coffee while we trampled around their back gardens chasing an owl,” said Christine.