Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ailsa Summers: Scottish Golf guilty of blatant 

discrimination against amateurs who work

In winning the Scottish Ladies’ Championship,  I would have thought Ailsa Summers had more than earned her right to a place in the team for the Home Internationals, regardless of any past/future availability concerns. 
Has the women’s amateur game in Scotland suddenly turned ‘professional’ or, perhaps, returned to a time where only ‘the haves’ can afford to play the game full time? 
Ailsa Summers, pictured, works for a living.  Didn’t stop her from winning ‘The Scottish’ or five county championships though, did it?  Why, then, should it make any difference to her chances of success at the Home Internationals?
‘Working’ amateur sportsmen/women use whatever spare time they have dedicating themselves to their chosen sport.  So ... what kind of message does this send out to the future ‘working’ generation?  In my view, Scotland Golf’s reason (work commitment) for not selecting Ailsa for the Home Internationals is a travesty and, in my opinion, nothing less than blatant discrimination!