Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I read with horror this morning about Ailsa Summers not being selected to play at the Home Internationals, and found it fantastic that she is not only Scottish champion but also second in the ladies' Order of Merit. To get that far up the leaderboard you need to take part in nearly all the competitions?
And yet the quote from Steve Paulding, Scottish Golf Performance Director, says:
“Due to Ailsa's work commitments she has not played a great deal of competitive rounds this season and other players have a better overall performance record.”
I found the piece from Mary Richardson to be so honest and what we have been thinking for some time.  You can even tell on the Scottish Golf website that Ladies/Girls golf is not of any interest - a link to our own Ladies/Girls website similar to what we used to have would be much better - trying to find things on the current one for ladies is very difficult.
(My daughter) Jennifer loved playing with the older girls. Her first encounter was away back in the Under 18s at Glenisla and then followed on from ther. The older girls, who included Ailsa, Connie, and Kate,  looked after her so well and gave her little tips, simple things like why a course guide was essential, what to do with it and yes why wearing a glove would help.  
Her favourite competiton was the Under 21s (sorry can’t remember what its correct name was) but that went last year, leaving the older girls with nothing to look forward to or to progress to - so why bother!  
Now Jen is over 18 she is left with playing in the Scottish Ladies, which I must say, playing in for the first time this year she really enjoyed and played well.  She wouldn’t have been able to compete if the dates hadn’t been changed as she’s studying PE at Edinburgh University and would have been on placement if the dates had been left as they were.  When she graduates she won’t be able to compete at all as the dates are term time?
Thank you for taking the time to put forward Ailsa’s point of view and how well she has kept her dignity - I wish the Ladies and Girls the best of luck.

Sallie Allan