Sunday, June 26, 2016

 Borders shade Galloway 5-4 in South Jamboree

Borders beat Galloway 5-4 on Day 2 of the South Jamboree at Dumfries and County Golf Club.
Details (Galloway names first):
Katie Wright and Maria Cowan bt Tara Mactaggart and Julie Birdsall 4 and 2.
Tracy Milligan and  Gwen Robson bt Judith Anderson and Leanne Wilson 4 and 3
Sheila McMurtrie and Addi Shamash lost to Isla Craigie and Fiona Ker 5 and 4.

Katie Wright bt Tara Mactaggart 1 hole.
Tracy Milligan lost to Fiona Ker 4 and 3.
Gwen Robson lost to Judith Anderson 5 and 4.
Maria Cowan lost to Julie Birdsall 1 hole.
Addi Shamash bt Leanne Wilson 5 and 3.
Sheila McMurtrie lost to Isla Craigie 1 hole.