KirkwoodGolf: Hole by hole report from British women's final at Dundonald Links

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hole by hole report from British women's final at Dundonald Links

                            Julia Engstrom (Sweden), left, and Dewi Weber from the Netherlands.

Hole 1  Engstrom wins with a par 4 to a bogey 5 by Weber. ENGSTROM 1 up
Hole 2 Halved in par 4s
Hole 3 Halved in par 4s. 

Hole 4 Engstrom holes 20ft birdie putt for a 2. ENGSTROM 2 up 
Hole 5 Engstrom won this par-5 hole with birdie 4 after going through the back with her approach but chipping to 25ft and holing the putt. Weber took 3 to get on and two putted. ENGSTROM 3 up. 
Hole 6 Halved in par 3s

Hole 7 Halved in par 4s
Hole 8 Weber won with a 4 to a bogey 5 by Engstrom who had to play out sideways from a bunkered tee shot.  Weber pitched and holed 8ft putt to cut Engstrom's lead to two holes.
Hole 9 Halved in 4s. Engstrom out in two-under 34 to Weber's par 36.

Hole 10. Halved in 4, Engstromg's birdie putt lipping out.
Hole 11. Engstrom goes 3 up with a conceded birdie 2, Weber having taken two to get out of bunker.
Hole 12. Halved in par 4s it began to rain and thunder clouds crashed above the players but lightning still some 15 miles away.

Hole 13 Weber wins with a par 4 to a double blgey 6 by Engstrom. Both players were bunkered but Engstrom took two shots to get out of the sand. ENGSTROM 2 up.
Hole 14 In steady rain, Weber won with a par 5 to a 6. ENGSTROM 1 up.
Hole 15 Both players three-putted for a half in bogey 4s.

Hole 16. Weber squared the match with a par 4. Engstrom short of green in rough, took three more shots to get down. MATCH ALL SQUARE
Hole 17. Engstrom three-putted for a bogey 5 and Weber took a one-hole lead for the first time. WEBER 1 up
Hole 18. Webster was far too big with her approach to the green at this par-hole and overshot the putting surface to land in a bunker. She took three to get down from there for a bogey 5 to Engstrom's par 4 MATCH ALL SQUARE

Hole 19. Both hit the green at the par-4 first, Engstrom about 4ft from the flagstick, Weber about 20 to 25 ft past the hole. The Dutch girl charged her putt downhill some 5ft past the cup - and then missed the one back to take a bogey 5. She immediately conceded Engstrom a birdie 2, the hole, the match and the British title

    And the winner is ... 15 year old Julie Engstrom from Halmstadt, Sweden, the youngest ever winner of the championship.