Thursday, June 23, 2016

Friday matches at Dundonald Links

This morning's third-round matches at the British women's open amateur championship at Dundonald Links

8.30 Leon Maguire (Slieve Russell v Azelia Meichtry (Switzerland)

8.40 Maria Parra (Spain) v Isobel Wardle (Prestbury)

8.50 Lena Schaffner (Germany) v Emma Henrikson(Sweden).

9.00 Esther Henseleit (GErmany) v Julia Engstrom (Sweden)

09.10 Dewi Weber (Netherlands) v Gemma Clews (Prestbury)

09.20 Meghan MacLaren (Wellingborough) v Stephanie Astrup (Denmark)

09.30 Linn Grant (Sweden) v Fatima Fernandez (Spain)

09.40 Jessica Porvasnik (USA) v Monica Vaughn (USA)


01.00 Maguire or Meichtry v Parra or Wardle

01.15 Schaffner or Henrikson v Henseleit or Engstrom

01.30 Weber or Clews v MacLaren or Astrup

01.45 Grant or Fernandez v Porvasnik or Vaughn 

Spectators will be made very welcome. 
Car parking is free and admission to the course is also free.
The clubhouse catering facilities are open to members of the public.