KirkwoodGolf: East Lothian name team for East Division Jamboree

Thursday, May 26, 2016

East Lothian name team for East Division Jamboree

Stacey Cameron makes county debut for East 

Lothian at Mortonhall

The East Lothian Ladies County Team for the 2016 jamboree from June 26 to 28 at Mortonhall Golf Club is:
Stacey Cameron (Gullane Ladies)
Joanne Free (Gullane Ladies)

Jane Herd (Gullane Ladies)
Lesley Johnston (Gullane Ladies)
Lauren Lee (Musselburgh)
Susan Penman (Gullane Ladies)
Keren Ward (North Berwick)
Mary Lou Watkins (Gullane)


 Pam Hall (Musselburgh)

Barbara Biggart writes:
Sadly, we are missing some of our previous team, notably Clara Young, who has many golf commitments to fit into her short  Summer vacation, and Liz Dunn Butler, last year’s East Lothian champion, due to work commitments. 
However, we are delighted to have a new  member, Stacey Cameron, from Gullane Ladies. 
Clara Young, Joanne Free and Stacey Cameron will be the East Lothians LCGA team for the Scottish ladies championship at West Kilbride next week. 
We wish them and our previous captain Dawn Young good luck at West Kilbride.