KirkwoodGolf: Stirling University team do well in awful weather in United States

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Stirling University team do well in awful weather in United States

The Men's team represented by Marco Iten, Craig Howie, Andrew Davidson, Henry Tomlinson and Mathias Eggenberger as well as Laird Shepperd, who played as an individual, received an invitation to play in the McDonald Cup, organised by the Yale University, is one of the biggest tournaments in the North East  (of America) during the autumn semester.
The team had the opportunity to play Quaker Ridge Country Club as well as Fairfield Country Club ahead of the tournament start. Unfortunately they were not able to play Winged Foot Golf Club because of the weather change, which meant that the practice round was played on Thursday and the tournament start was on friday.
The weather was not even close to what you would expect going to the States, which meant the tournament was cut to 36 holes.
The Team started well into the first round with typical Scottish weather, rain and a lot of wind. Unfortunately we were not able to finish the first round and had to stop after 10 holes.
This meant we had to play 26 holes on Saturday to finish the tournament.
The team performed great and finished four strokes behind the winning Harvard University.
A big congrats goes to Marco Iten who won the individual with score of 69 and 69 for 138.

We wish all the best to Marco Iten and Mathias Eggenberger who are now on the way to Houston to represent their country at the Spirit International.

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