Friday, May 07, 2010

Stirling & Clackmannan women's county championship
Qualifying competition, Friday, May 7
SSS 72, CSS 75.
64 Competitors (53 Silver, 11 Bronze)
1 Alison Davidson(Stirling) – 74 winner of the Captain’s Prize
2 Margaret Tough (Falkirk) -76
Silver Handicap
1. Jill Harrison (Linlithgow) -80(9)71 bih winner of the Captain’s Prize
2. Winifred MacCallum (Falkirk)- 82(10) 72
3. Louise MacGregor (Falkirk) -78(4)74
Bronze Handicap
1. Barbara McLeod (Glenbervie) -102(24)78

The top 16 players with the lowest gross scores qualify for the matchplay sections of Championship
These are :
*Alison Davidson (Stirling)—74 unable to play
Margaret Tough (Falkirk) -76
Louise MacGregor(Falkirk)-78
Jill Harrison (Linlithgow)-80
Vicki Stevenson (Stirling)-82
Winifred MacCallum (Falkirk)-82
Jennifer Bryans (Bathgate) – 82
*Karen Burns (Bathgate)-82 unable to play
Alison Goodwin (Glenbervie)-83
Linda Allan (Falkirk Tryst)-85
Claire Capocci (Bridge of Allan) -86
Lynn Fleming (Glenbervie )-86
Joie Robertson (Bathgate)-87
Aileen Jenkins (Falkirk)-87
Lesley Gibb (West Lothian)-88
*Sarah Walker (Braehead )-88 unable to play
Elizabeth Goodwin (Glenbervie)-88
Lesley Percy (Braehead )-88
Mhairi Hall (Bathgate )-89
Gail Haley (Falkirk Tryst )-89
Shona Gunn (Falkirk Tryst)-90
Margaret McFarlane (Bathgate)-90
Helen Hunter (Linlithgow)-91

+Above information from the Stirling & Clackmannan website