Friday, December 07, 2007

A golf book that will make

you laugh, it will make you cry

Looking for a good golf book to give as a Christmas present or even just a good golf book to read over Christmas?

"Pops and Sunshine" might just about fit the bill on both counts.
Jason Sobel, the golf editor at, has reviewed the Dave Andrews novel in his column this week. He put it on a list of eight golf books he is recommending as holiday gifts. US magazine "Golf For Women" has also given it a great review. If you're interested, you can read the reviews through a link on the front page of the website for the novel...

Anyone who has lost a loved one too soon or faced high hurdles in his or her own life will be captivated by this touching story.
It will appeal to golfers and non-golfers alike.
It is written by Dave Andrews, a Harvard-educated former television news reporter. Dave is an avid golfer who has become a fan of
the Duramed Futures Tour in the United States. His home course at Concord, New Hampshire is annually the site of one of the tour’s events.
His inspiration for the novel came from meeting many of the young aspiring women golfers on American's No 2 women's pro circuit.
Each of them had a passion, dedication, and determination that he found remarkable. Dave's novel is the fictionalisation of the dream that these young women share.

+Note from Colin Farquharson: The book, to the best of my knowledge, is not yet available in the British Isles. If you want to order a copy direct from the author, you can E-mail Dave Andrews at
Simply give your mailing address. When you receive your book, send back a cheque to Dave Andrews, for $24.95 which includes half the $ transatlantic postage. Dave will cover the other half himself (He's a lot more trusting than I would be ... but, on the other hand, I've never had the patience required to sit down andwrite a book!).

**Dave Andrews is now writing the sequel to "Pops and Sunshine." He hopes to have it finished in the spring of 2008. Click the title below to read the prologue and first chapter of the "work in progress" manuscript of Goodbye, Pops