KirkwoodGolf: New angle for ILGU Scratch Cup Circuit

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

New angle for ILGU Scratch Cup Circuit

Pat Cashman Photography: Sara Byrne (Douglas)

The 2018 ILGU Scratch Cup Circuit will get underway with the Carlow Scratch Cup on Saturday the 10th of March. This year, the circuit will now total 8 events following the inclusion of the Royal Portrush - Mabel Harrison scratch cup.
In an effort to increase the opportunities for players to gain World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) points or to get on the WAGR ladder, the eight events have been paired together to create overall 72-hole tournaments. Those who play in both competitions within that pair will be eligible to secure points and work towards improving their world ranking. The results of both individual scratch cups will be amalgamated into one competition and will then be passed onto WAGR and points will be allocated accordingly.
“It is important to us that we give our players numerous opportunities to improve their status on WAGR and to get onto the rankings in the first place” explained High Performance Co-ordinator Cian Hoban. “The scratch cups are established events in the ILGU calendar and are well supported by a broad range of players, so this step made complete sense to work towards our goal to have as many Irish players working their way up the World Rankings as possible.”

·         For more information on WAGR and how points are awarded, please click HERE
·         Entry Forms for each of the scratch cups will be uploaded under the ‘Tournaments’ section of the website and will be posted over the coming months.
·         Conditions for the ILGU Scratch Cup Circuit can be found HERE
The results will be updated the Monday after every scratch cup and a results table will be available under the Scratch Cup Circuit eventbeginning Monday the 12th of March.
WAGR Scratch Cup Pairings 
Carlow – Woodbrook
Royal County Down Ladies – Lahinch
Cork – Hermitage
Royal Portrush (Mabel Harrison) – Royal Portrush (Zara Bolton)
Scratch Cup Dates
Carlow – 10th March (Click HERE for comp details)
Woodbrook – 18th March (Click HERE for comp details)
Royal Portrush (Mabel Harrison) – 24th March(Click HERE for comp details)
Royal County Down Ladies – 8th April(Click HERE for comp details)
Cork – 14th April (Click HERE for comp details)
Lahinch – 21st April (Click HERE for comp details)
Hermitage – 6th May (Click HERE for comp details)
Royal Portrush (Zara Bolton) – 3rd June(Click HERE for comp details)