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Friday, July 14, 2017

European Team Championships.

The Scottish Ladies Team, who qualified  in 9th place and are playing in the second flight of the European Ladies Team Championships at Montado Golf Club, Portugal,  beat Austria yesterday by 4 matches to 1, but lost today against France by 2 matches to 3.   The Scotland side play the Czech Republic tomorrow to decide the 11th and 12th places in the Team Championship.  Ireland play France to decide the 9th and 10th places.

In the first flight, the top qualifiers, Sweden, were beaten today by 4th seeds, England, by 2 matches to 5.  England play Italy tomorrow in the top match to decide the winners.

Scotland 4 Austria 1
Eilidh Briggs and Chloe Goadby beat Julia Unterweger and Lea Zeiiter by 3 and 2
Hannah McCook lost tot Ines Fendt 3 and 2
Connie Jaffrey beat  Floerentina Hager 1 hole
Clara Young beat Katharina Muehlbauer by 5 and 4
Shannon McWilliam beat Leonie Bettel  3 and 2

Scotland 2 France 3
Eilidh Briggs and Chloe Goadby beat Manon Molle and Emma Grechi by 3 and 2
Hannah McCook lost to Mathilda Capppeliez by 6 and 5
Connie Jaffrey lost to Marion Veysseyre 5 and 4
Clara Young beat Chloe Salort by 1 hole.
Shannon McWilliam lost to Shannon Aubert at the 20th.

Girls playing for 13th or 14th place tomorrow at the St Laurence Golf Club, Finland.
The Scottish Girls Team, who qualified in 14th place and are playing in the second flight of the European Girls Championship, lost to Austria on Thursday by 2 matches to 3,  and beat Switzerland today by 3 matches to 2.

In the top flight, Sweden are playing Italy to decide the winners, France and England are battling it out for 3rd and 4th place.

Austria 3 Scotland 2
Katharina Steffl and Johanna Ebner beat Molly Richmond and Jasmine Mackinstosh at the 19th.
Hannah Mitterberger lost to Louise Duncan 2 and 1
Janika Ruttimann beat Kirsty Brodie 2 and 1
Isabella Holpfer beat Jillian Farrel 5 and 4
Emma Spitz lostto Hazel MacGarvie 3 and 2

Scotland 3 Switzerland 2
Jillian Farrell and Kirsty Brodie beat Yael Berger and Aurora Colombo 6 and 4
Louise Duncan lost to Elena Moosmann 7 and 5
Jasmine Mackintosh lost to Victoia Monod 3 and 2
Molly Richmond beat Cloe Grand 2 and 1
Hazel Macgarvie beat Chiara Tamburlini 2 and 1

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