Tuesday, July 04, 2017

  Snow-covered Alps backdrop to Vagliano 

Trophy match in Italy

The snow-covered Alps provided a picturesque backdrop at Bogogno Golf Club, northwest of Milan for the 2017 Vagliano Trophy match. Switzerland is on the other side of these imposing mountains.

Bogogno Golf Club, an excellent, spacious clubhouse and restaurant

Wild life abounds at the Bogogno Golf Resort. There is a lot of water on and around the course, perfect for the families of otters. Above picture was taken by Susan Simpson of the R and A/LGU.
Editor: I saw an egret taking flight from one of the pools but unfortunately did not have my camera with me on that occasion. The wildlife downside at Bogogno ... invisible mosquitoes
that left you with very itchy bits all over the next morning. But some of the bites can be really bad. The aforementioned Susan Simpson tells me that she has had to have hospital treatment,
She arrived at Bogogno several days before anyone else so she was exposed for a longer time to mosquito bites.