KirkwoodGolf: Eight-year-old bags hole in one in Christmas Competition

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Eight-year-old bags hole in one in Christmas Competition

Evan Walker

Many golfers can only dream of scoring a hole in one, but for eight-year-old Evan Walker, the dream has already become reality. Evan achieved the notable feat at Newmachar Golf Club in Aberdeenshire, when he took part in the club’s junior Christmas competition – his first ever competition at the club!

Evan played his perfect shot at the second hole on the Newmachar Swailend course. The hole had been shortened for the juniors to 130 yards. He teed off with his driver, the frost making it difficult for him to see where the ball ended up. Several people helped him look until the father of his playing partner, Joel Mustard, spotted it in the hole. Evan said: “We were looking for a while before we realised it was in the hole. I couldn’t believe it! It was brilliant and what’s really great is that I’m the only one in my family to have had a hole in one. Not even my dad has had one and I’ve beaten my older brother too.”

It’s traditional for any golfer recording a hole in one to stand their hand at the bar at the 19th hole. Evan’s age restricted him from this privilege. Instead he left a jar of sweets behind the bar for members to enjoy.

Evan, who lives in Balemdie in Aberdeenshire, has been playing golf for as long as he can remember. He regularly visits the driving range with his father, Grant Walker, and brother, Owen Walker. At the age of five, he started receiving group coaching with Alan Stuart at the Paul Lawrie Golf Centre and has been playing ever since.

The junior section at Newmachar Golf Club has been significantly growing over the last couple of years. Membership has increased in the last year by over 30%. Junior Convenor, Gordon Forbes, comments: “The club has been doing a lot to encourage the juniors to participate and it’s great to see the membership grow so much as a result of these efforts. When you see an eight-year-old having a hole in one, it makes it all worthwhile and it helps to encourage more kids to get out there and take part. We’re delighted for Evan and we hope that he continues to take part in our competitions for years to come.”

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