KirkwoodGolf: Daily Mail Foursomes Finals Results

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Daily Mail Foursomes Finals Results

Congratulations to Grangemouth's Janice Bridgeman and Fiona Lawless for battling through the last 16 teams at St. Pierre Golf & Country Club in the Daily Mail Foursomes Finals.
Janice and Fiona made there way through the rounds beating Thornhill, Ashburnham and West Kilbride and were finally beaten by Bromborough in the final 3&2.
The other Scots at the last stages were West Kilbride pairing of Catherine Garrett  and Helen Cattanach who were beaten in the semi finals by Grangemouth.

Quarter Finals:
Bromborough beat Crane Valley 1up
Grangemouth beat Ashburnham 5&3
West Kilbride beat Kendal 6&5
Wilton beat Welwyn Garden City 1up

Bromborough beat Wilton 2&1
Grangemouth beat West Kilbride 5&4

Final :
Bromborough beat Grangemouth 3&2. The winners were Deirdre Watson, and and Janet McGowan (pictured right)