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Women’s and Girls’ Interprovincial Matches
 Slieve Russell Golf Club
5-7 July 2016
Tight race after day one at Slieve Russell

The annual ladies' and girls' interprovincial matches got underway early this morning at a sunny Slieve Russell Golf Club. 
Connacht and Leinster took to the course first. The Connacht girls’ side took a slight advantage after the morning foursomes, winning 2 points from 3. Connacht’s Maeve Rooney dominated the top singles match in the afternoon to secure a 6 and 5 win but tables turned thereafter and Leinster put up a strong fight. They took 4 from 5 matches, with wins from Ellie Metcalfe, Lauren Walsh, Clodagh Walsh and Anna Foster.

Meanwhile, Leinster dominated Connacht in the ladies matches as they took the 3 points up for grabs in the foursomes and added 3 ½ points from the 5 singles, with wins from Ariana Coyle Diez, Ciara Casey, Meadhbh Doyle and a half point from Mary Doyle. Shannon Burke managed to steal a full point for the Connacht team with a 2 and 1 win over Rachel Taylor.  

Ulster and Munster followed, with the defending Munster girls’ champions taking control of Ulster on the opening morning. The top foursomes pairings of Lisa O’Shea and Aideen Walsh and Clodagh Jones and Grace McGrath secured wins of 3 and 2 and 4 and3, respectively, while the third match was halved. 
An early point was conceded by Munster in the afternoon singles as Clodagh Jones had to withdraw from her match due to injury. Ulster grew in confidence as they added points from Emma Forbes and Kate Dwyer but determined Munster players Aine Donegan and Grace McGrath secured the 2 essential points to ensure victory over the Ulster side.  

The Ulster ladies started with a strong defence of their title this morning as they led Munster 2½ to a ½ after the foursomes. It was a close affair in the singles but the defending champions emerged on top after Lisa Maguire, Paula Grant and Tara Gribben ensured the 3 necessary winning points. Ulster will take on Connacht while Munster face Leinster tomorrow.

Wednesday 6 July – Draw
Munster –v- Leinster (Munster names first)
Girls Foursomes
08:00 Lisa O’Shea and Aine Donegan –v- Elisa Corcoran and Ellen O’Gorman
08:10 Ciara Leonard and Aideen Walsh –v- Georgia Carr and  Ellie Metcalfe
08:20 Sara Byrne and Grace McGrath –v- Lauren Walsh and Clodagh Walsh

Munster –v- Leinster (Munster names first)
Women’s Foursomes
08:30 Chloe Ryan and Sarah Cunningham –v- Aedin Murphy and  Deirdre Smith
08:40 Aoife Lowry and Paula Walsh –v- Mary Doyle and Meadhbh Doyle
08:50 Emma O’Driscoll and Katie Aherne –v- Ciara Casey and  Rachel Taylor

Ulster –v- Connacht (Ulster names first)
Girls Foursomes
09:00 Emma Forbes and  Maeve Cummins –v- Maeve Rooney  and Niamh Cronin
09:10 Anna Morwood and  Olivia McClurg –v- Lorna Mullally and Roisin O’Brien
09:20 Kate Dwyer  and Becky McNiece –v- Chloe O’Connor and Niamh Smyth

Ulster –v- Connacht (Ulster names first)
Women’s Foursomes
09:30 Lisa Maguire and Paula Grant –v- Hilary Hall and  Maeve Kelly
09:40 Chloe Weir  and Tara Gribben –v- Shannon Burke and  Anne Brett
09:50 Niamh Ward and Jenny Young –v- Maureen Keane and  Clodagh Hopkins

Tuesday 5 July – Results
Girls' Matches - Connacht 3 Leinster 5
Morning Foursomes
Connacht 2 Leinster 1 
Maeve Rooney and  Chloe O'Connor beat Ellie Metcalfe and Clodagh Walsh 2 and 1
Niamh Cronin and  Roisin O'Brien lost to Elisa Corcoran and Ellen O'Gorman 5and 3
Lorna Mullally and Niamh Smyth beat Georgia Carr and Anna Foster 3 and2

Afternoon Singles 
Connacht 1 Leinster 4
Maeve Rooney beat Elisa Corcoran 7 and 5
Lorna Mullally lost to Ellie Metcalfe 2 and 1
Chloe O'Connor lost to Lauren Walsh 5 and 4
Niamh Smyth lost to Clodagh Walsh 2 and 1
Amy Monaghan lost to Anna Foster 9 and 8

Girls' Matches – Ulster 3 ½ Munster 4 ½
Morning Foursomes 
Ulster ½ Munster 2½ 
Emma Forbes  and Maeve Cummins lost to Lisa O'Shea and  Aideen Walsh 3 and 2
Kate Dwyer  and Beth Coulter lost to Clodagh Jones and  Grace McGrath 4 and 3
Anna Morwood and  Olivia McClurg halved with Sara Byrne and Tiara Leonard 

Afternoon Singles 
Ulster 3 Munster 2
Emma Forbes beat Lisa O'Shea 3 and 2
Maeve Cummins beat Clodagh Jones 8 and 7 (w/d due to injury)
Kate Dwyer beat Sara Byrne 1 hole
Beth Coulter lost to Aine Donegan 1 hole
Becky McNeice lost to Grace McGrath 4 and 3

Ladies' Matches – Connacht 1 ½ Leinster 6 ½
Morning Foursomes​
Connacht 0 Leinster 3
Shannon Burke and  Anne Brett lost to Mary Doyle and  Meadhbh Doyle 2 and 1
Maeve Kelly and Noreen Maloney lost to Aedin Murphy and  Deirdre Smith 7 and 6
Hilary Hall and  Maureen Keane lost to Ciara Casey and  Rachel Taylor 4 and 2

Afternoon Singles 
Connacht 1 ½ Leinster 3 ½
Clodagh Hopkins lost to Ariana Coyle-Diez 5 and 3
Shannon Burke beat Rachel Taylor 2 and 1
Anne Brett lost to Ciara Casey 2 and 1 
Maeve Kelly lost to Meadhbh Doyle 4 and 2
Maureen Keane halved with Mary Doyle 

Ladies' Matches – Ulster 5 ½ Munster 2 ½
Morning Foursomes​
Ulster 2½ Munster ½
Lisa Maguire and Paula Grant halved with Chloe Ryan and Sarah Cunningham  
Niamh Ward and Hannah Henderson beat Emma O'Driscoll and Tara Whelan 5 and 3
Chloe Weir and Tara Gribben beat Aoife Lowry and Paula Walsh 2 and 1

Afternoon Singles 
Ulster 3 Munster 2
Lisa Maguire beat Sarah Cunningham 1 hole
Chloe Weir lost to Chloe Ryan 4 and 3
Paula Grant beat Katie Aherne 3 and 2
Niamh Ward lost to Emma O'Driscoll 4 and 2
Tara Gribben beat Aoife Lowry 2 and 1

Day 3
Leinster –v- Ulster
Connacht –v- Munster 

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