Saturday, December 19, 2015

 Lampert goes low to lead LET Q School by two shots after two rounds

Germany’s Karolin Lampert blitzed the field with a career low seven under par 65 at the Amelkis Course in the second round of the Ladies European Tour’s Lalla Aicha Tour School Final Qualifier in Marrakech, Morocco today.

At 12 under par 132, Lampert holds a two-stroke lead over Denmark’s Daisy Nielsen, who fired a second round 66 on the Amelkis Course and Justine Dreher, who had a 66 on the Samanah Course.

There are two fields playing on the Amelkis and Samanah courses alternately for the first four rounds, followed by a cut to the leading 60 players and those tied before the fifth and final round to be played at Samanah on Tuesday, all chasing a place on the Ladies European Tour in 2016.

Lampert was all smiles after making five birdies and an eagle on the par-5 18th hole at the Amelkis course, where she used a 5-iron to hit her second shot within seven metres of the flag. 
She said:  “I played seven under which is my lowest score ever and I’m really happy with that. I didn’t make a bogey today, so I can’t wait to play the next few days.  I’ve got a really good feeling for the greens, so it was a mixture of good shots, good putts and some good saves. I’m just trying to stay relaxed and not be too aggressive, but try to hole the putts. There is no pressure so if I can shoot two or three under each day that will be fine.”

Nielsen, whose speedway champion father Hans is caddying for her, had an eagle of her own on the par-5 15th hole at Amelkis, where she hit a long drive down the hill setting her up for a perfect 7-iron into the green. 
After finishing with five birdies and a solitary bogey on her card, she said: “I was very satisfied with my approach shots and my putting. My tee shots could have been better, I had a few bad ones but was lucky they ended up in okay places. I’m just trying to be relaxed and as free as possible and not make every shot too important. I’m going to try to continue doing that and see if I can be free over every shot.”

Also at 10 under is Justine Dreher, who was born in Germany but represents France. The 23-year-old University of South Carolina graduate had six birdies on the Samanah course, including four in a row from the 15th.

She said: “I’ve hit really good balls with my irons and was pretty much always on the green or right next to the green. I didn’t really make any mistakes and had six birdies. I’m playing shot by shot and trying to do my best. Scores are obviously low. We have a lot of short irons into the greens so you have to make birdies and just keep going.”

Caroline Rominger of Switzerland is a shot further back in fourth place on nine under par after a second round of 68 on the Amelkis Course.

“I played really well and I’m hitting the ball really good. Today I had so many more chances so I’m happy but it could have been even better. I’m hitting my irons really straight so I can go straight for the pins and that’s a good feeling,” she said. “We’re not yet halfway through so there’s still a lot of golf to be played.”

A group of eight players share fifth place on seven under par. Of them, England’s Annabel Dimmock (66) and Kiran Matharu (66), Scotland’s Gemma Dryburgh (66), Spain’s Noemi Jimenez Martin (66) and 17-year-old Indian amateur Aditi Ashok (69) played on the Amelkis Course while Scotland’s Kelsey MacDonald (70), Emily Tally of the United States (69) and Ariane Provot from France (68) played on the Samanah Course.

Dimmock said: “I’m satisfied. It was a bit unfortunate to take a double on my 16th with a mud ball, which was a bit annoying. I could have got my head down with two holes to play but I carried on and was playing well.  
" I putted well out there today. Putting is one of my strengths and it was there for me today. I drove it better than pre-qualifying and a lot better in practise rounds. Everything was pretty good. I holed putts outside 30ft on my sixth and seventh holes, so that kept the momentum going. I’m just sticking to my routines and not thinking about scores.”

Dryburgh commented: “I had no bogeys, so that’s always nice. I played really solid from tee to green so no complaints. 
"The highlight was probably my shots into the greens, because I only missed one or two greens so I gave myself a lot of chances for birdie. I don’t really set myself any numbers because I just like to hit one shot at a time and do my best.”

Jimenez commented: “I feel really good because I started a little bit rough. Even though I made three birdies I was a little bit shaken on the tee box. I saved two good bogeys because I went into the water on one hole. From then on I made a lot of birdies and no bogeys. My putting was really good. Now I’m trying to catch the leaders because if you try to make the cut it doesn’t help a lot.”

There are 115 players from 35 countries in the field competing for Membership on the 2016 Ladies European Tour. The top 30 and ties will earn Membership in Category 8, while those who make the cut and finish in positions 31 and below will be eligible for Membership in Category 9b. Players who fail to make the cut may join the LET with Membership in Category 12a, although will have a limited number of playing opportunities. In layman’s terms, this means that those in Category 8 will earn their ‘full card” while those in 9b have a “conditional card.”
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[+]11Karolin Lampert GERF*-126765

[+]25Daisy Nielsen DENF-106866

[+]23Justine Dreher FRAF*-106866

[+]41Caroline Rominger SWIF-96768

[+]535Annabel Dimmock ENGF*-77166

[+]535Gemma Dryburgh SCOF-77166         137
[+]55Kiran Matharu ENGF*-76869         137
[+]535Noemi Jimenez Martin ESPF-77166         137
[+]51Kelsey Macdonald SCOF-76770         137
[+]55Aditi Ashok (a)INDF*-76869         137
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[+]53Emily Talley USAF-76869         137
[+]57Ariane Provot FRAF*-76968         137
[+]1314Elia Folch (a)ESPF-67068         138
[+]1313Vivian Tsui CANF*-66969         138
[+]1313Nobuhle Dlamini SWZF*-66969         138
[+]137Oona Vartiainen FINF-66969         138
[+]1749Kanphanitnan Muangkhumsakul THAF-57267         139
[+]1727Nuria Iturrios ESPF-57267         139
[+]191Rachel Raastad NORF*-46773         140
[+]1914Ainil Bakar MYSF*-47070         140
[+]1914Fabienne In-Albon SWIF-47070         140
[+]197Jessica Bradley (a)ENGF*-46971         140
[+]2349Agathe Sauzon FRAF-37269         141
[+]237Victoria Lovelady BRAF-36972         141
[+]2313Nina Pegova RUSF*-36972         141
[+]237Eileen Vargas COLF-36972         141
[+]2364Carmen Alonso ESPF-37368         141
[+]2335Johanna Bjork SWEF*-37170         141
[+]293Jessica Karlsson SWEF-26874         142
[+]293Laura Jansone LVAF*-26874         142
[+]2925Renuka Suksukont THAF*-27072         142
[+]2935Maha Haddioui MARF*-27171         142
[+]2914Valdis Thora Jonsdottir ISLF-27072         142
[+]2920Sophie Sandolo ITAF-27171         142
[+]2939Elina Nummenpaa FINF*-27468         142
[+]2913Melissa Eaton RSAF*-26973         142
[+]3713Rosie Davies ENGF*-16974         143
[+]3725Lien Willems BELF-17073         143
[+]3774Greta Isabella Voelker (a)GERF-17469         143
[+]375Lauren Horsford (a)ENGF-16875         143
[+]377Charlotte Thompson ENGF*-16974         143
[+]3720Chiara Mertens (a)GERF-17172         143
[+]3774Olafia Kristinsdottir ISLF-17469         143
[+]3725 Leticia Ras-Andérica ESPF*-17073         143
[+]4520Laura Gonzalez Escallon BELFE7173         144
[+]4535Maribel Lopez Porras COLF*E7173         144
[+]4549Elisabetta Bertini ITAFE7272         144
[+]457Manon Gidali (a)FRAF*E6975         144
[+]4574Alexandria Jacobsen USAF*E7470         144
[+]4549Rebecca Mcginley ENGFE7272         144
[+]4520Csilla Lajtai-Rozsa HUNF*E7173         144
[+]4514Leena Makkonen FINF*E7074         144
[+]5349Anaelle Carnet FRAF*+17273         145
[+]5364Amber Ratcliffe ENGF+17372         145
[+]5390Kym Larratt ENGF*+17669         145
[+]5335Molly Aronsson USAF*+17372         145
[+]5349Ana Menendez MEXF+17273         145
[+]5383Emma Nilsson SWEF+17570         145
[+]5327Emma Goddard ENGF*+17273         145
[+]5339Anais Maggetti SWIF+17471         145
[+]5364Andy Jun PRYF*+17372         145
Projected Cut +1
[+]6264Natalie Wille SWEF*+27373         146
[+]6283Angel Yin (a)USAF+27571         146
[+]6227Rebecca Sorensen SWEF*+27274         146
[+]6247Nina Muehl AUTF*+27670         146
[+]6249Astrid Vayson De Pradenne FRAF+27274         146
[+]6235Luna Sobron (a)ESPF*+27175         146
[+]6264Joanna Charlton (a)AUSF*+27373         146
[+]6290Hannah Ralph ENGF*+27670         146
[+]6227Lucie Hinnerova CZEF*+27274         146
[+]6214Aram Choi CANF+27076         146
[+]6290Maria Beautell ESPF*+27670         146
[+]6225Alyson McKechin SCOF+27076         146
[+]6243Jeanette Marita Engzelius NORF*+27571         146
[+]7520Sarah-Jane Boyd ENGF*+37176         147
[+]7520Emilie Piquot FRAF*+37176         147
[+]7590Sarah Schober AUTF+37671         147
[+]78101Michele Thomson SCOF+47771         148
[+]7839Carolina Gonzalez Garcia ESPF+47474         148
[+]7864Amy Walsh AUSF+47375         148
[+]7827Gabriella Cowley ENGF+47276         148
[+]7874Linda Henriksson FINF*+47474         148
[+]7820Jamila Jaxaliyeva KAZF*+47177         148
[+]78108Lauren Taylor ENGF*+47870         148
[+]7827Emilie Alonso (a)FRAF+47276         148
[+]7890Holly Aitchison ENGF*+47672         148
[+]7835Mireia Prat ESPF+47375         148
[+]7843Sanna Nuutinen FINF+47573         148
[+]8927Jessica Ljungberg SWEF+57277         149
[+]8947Neha Tripathi INDF+57673         149
[+]8990Lucrezia Colombotto Rosso (a)ITAF*+57673         149
[+]8983Natalia Heckova (a)SVKF+57574         149
[+]89101Valeria Martinoli SUIF+57772         149
[+]9474Martyna Mierzwa POLF+67476         150
[+]9439Marta Silva Zamora ESPF+67476         150
[+]9457Amanda Strang SWEF+67971         150
[+]9454Paula Hurtado COLF*+67872         150
[+]9452Stefania Avanzo ITAF*+67773         150
[+]9452Emma Westin SWEF+67773         150
[+]10043Anna Christina Kindgren COLF+77576         151
[+]10047Jane Turner SCOF*+77675         151
[+]10027Sarah Attwood ENGF*+77279         151
[+]10035Marika Voss FINF*+77378         151
[+]100101Sideri Vanova CZEF*+77774         151
[+]10547Mayko Chwen Wang TPEF*+87676         152
[+]105101Sofia Ljungqvist SWEF+87775         152
[+]10754Ines Lescudier (a)FRAF+97875         153
[+]10735Kusuma Meechai THAF+97380         153
[+]10954Maria Palacios Siegenthaler ESPF*+107876         154
[+]109101Brooke Baker USAF*+107777         154
[+]11143Ebba Simonsson SWEF*+127581         156
[+]11247Julie Aime FRAF+137681         157
[+]11358Ann-Kathrin Maier AUTF*+148078         158
[+]114113Marion Duvernay FRAF*+168080         160
[+]115115Annelie Weimenhog SWEF+178180         161