Sunday, August 09, 2015

Happy 21st Birthday to Ben Wilson of LGU

Ben Wilson never gets his picture taken at LGU events until now! Colin Farquharson turned the camera on him as he tried to take back the Stroyan Cup from the winning England team. Only joking, Ben, although it is a fact that all the trophies at LGU events are reclaimed from the winners after the picture sessions to mark the occasion.

Ladies Golf Union tournament assistant Ben 

Wilson is 21 years old today.

Last week he was in charge of running the Girls Home Internationals at Lanark Golf Club - and he did it well!
Of course, it wasn't the first time he has organised an LGU event. He has been given the responsibility for the team match-play events in recent seasons.
Next year, Ben will be really tested because, for the first time, the women's Home International Matches AND the girls' Home International Matches will be played at the same venue - Conway GC in North Wales - and on the same dates.
It has the makings of a logistical nightmare but I am sure Ben and his buddies will be able to cope, with a little help from Susan Simpson and Gillian Roy

This coming week the son of St Andrews will be on LGU Head of Golf Operations Susan Simpson's organising team at the British girls' open amateur championship, which tees off at West Kilbride on Monday.