Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hats off to Hayley! Even in defeat Davis is a 

                                    top drawer person 

                FROM JOHN DRYBURGH
 Looking back at the Baylor v Stanford NCAA Championship Final.
An incredible performance by Haley Davis, pictured, yesterday and the class she showed in her post-match interview shows the girl for what she is, top drawer.
See the link below to the highlights and post-match interview. 

Have a look at the shot she played on 16 out of deep mud, 140 yards and halmost holed it. Incredible.
Whilst she is going to go back for another year to graduate at Baylor University, the good news for British golf fans is that Hayley will be going to LPGA Q School in August.

If she can get her card, she will tee it up on the LPGA next year whilst finishing her degree. 
Under NCAA rules she can't play a fifth year for Baylor.
Hayley  is going to Australia over the summer to take summer school credits so isn't playing in the "British" which is a real shame.
Lauren White put up a great fight and chipped in three times in her match and will no doubt have matured as a result of this experience.


Below id a link to a really interesting article in Golfweek this week on the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina on the Tulane ladies golf programme. It has a little local interest with pictures of Gemma (Dryburgh) helping to build houses (which she loved!) and her and Olivia Winning helping out at a homeless shelter.

It's too big to print but the link may be of interest to Kirkwodgolf readers.