Friday, May 01, 2015

Hannah Scott, Karen Marshall KO'd in

Midlothian championship quarter-finals

Hannah Scott, winner of the Midlothian women's county championship for the past two years, failed in her hat-trick bid at Baberton Golf Club today.
The Broomieknowe player, pictured, reached the quarter-finals by beating Caroline Steedman (Murrayfield) 2 and 1 but then was KOd by clubmate Kate McIntosh 2 and 1.
Karen Marshall (Baberton), twice winner of the title and the leading qualifier this year, also bowed out in the quarter-finals. She was beaten 3 and 2 by Kirsten Blackwood (Glencorse).
The semi-final line-up will be Blackwood v Louise Fraser (Kingsknowe) and McIntosh v Wendy Nicholson in an all-Broomieknowe clash.
Three of the last four have lost in recent years' finals - Fraser in 2011, Nicholson in 2010 and Blackwood in 2004. 

First round
Karen Marshall (Baberton) bt Linda Boyle (Harburn) 5 and 4

Kirsten Blackwood (Glencorse) bt Jennifer Bryans (Harburn) 3 and 1

Sal Shepherd (Craigmillar Park) bt Karen Ferguson (Liberton) 6 and 4

Louise Fraser (Kingsknowe) bt Mandy McBain (Lochend) 6 and 5

Kate McIntosh (Broomieknowe) w.o. Sharon Macpherson (Baberton) scr

Hannah Scott (Broomieknowe) bt Caroline Steedman (Murrayfield) 2 and 1

Wendy Nicholson (Broomieknowe) bt Susan Rennie (Turnhouse) 6 and 5

Alison McBride (Harburn) bt Gilly Glen (Craigmillar Park) 4 and 3


Blackwood bt Marshall 3 and 2

Fraser bt Shepherd 5 and 4

McIntosh bt Scott 2 and 1.

Nicholson bt McBride 4 and 3

B Championship

Adrienne Turner (Baberton) bt Zandra Mathieson (Broomieknowe) 3 and 2

Helen Warnock (Harburn) bt Celia MacIntyre (Craigmillar Park) 4 and 2

Pam Townsend (Murrayfield) bt Jaci Moriarty (Lochend) 1 hole.

Elaine Lumsden (Kingsknowe) bt Janet Wake (Merchants) 3 and 2.
Turner bt Warnock 6 and 5

Townsend by Lumsden 2 and 1