Friday, May 01, 2015

Mary Donaldson is MGR Fife Lady Golfer of Week

The MGR Fife Golfers of the Week are Mary Donaldson of Canmore GC and Ryan Brown of Dunfermline GC, who are the new leaders of the Fife Ladies' and the Fife Men's MGRankings respectively., Fife Ladies, Week 2015/17
1 Mary Donaldson (Canmore) 1123 points,
2 Linda Dalrymple (Cupar) 1119,
3 Dianne Watson (Leven GS) 1069,
4 Lynne Thom (Burntisland GH) 1060,
5 Linda McDonald (Ladybank) 990,, Fife Clubs Ladies, Week 2015/17
1 Ladybank 1038 pts
2 Leven GS 1019
3 Cupar 992
4 St Michael's 911
5 Glenrothes 906

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David Moir
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