Tuesday, March 31, 2015

          Possibily the biggest golf roster of any USA college!

The above picture of the Lincoln Memorial University golf squad at their Harrogate, Tennessee headquarters suggests that a prospective student from the UK/Ireland should always check out how big the golf roster is of the college to which he or she  might be going.
Twenty-six is the current figure for LMU. Don't they know that only five can play in a team?
Jamie Reid from Peterhead is a third-year student at Lincoln Memorial and his name hardly ever appears in the competition lists.
George Duncan from Dumbartonshire must play a bit better than Jamie does in the college's team qualifying competitions - he does get a regular competitive outing. Other Brits on the LMU roster are Luke Butler, a senior from Worcester, and Scott MacGregor, a freshman from Wakefield, Yorkshire.
Danielle Burrell from Basingstoke was on the roster but his name has been removed. Presumably he came home because he could not get a competitive game.