Wednesday, August 02, 2006



Online ladies' golf community (ALG) ( ) is looking to appoint up to 25 regional representatives throughout the UK and Ireland to help fulfil its vision of improving the golfing and social experience for lady golfers whatever their ability or skill level.
"I have had such positive feedback from members participating in our competitions that the natural next step for us is to attract like-minded ladies to become part of the ALG team and help expand our community", says Casie McDonald Wood, ALG's founder.
ALG is offering its community members first refusal on the potentially lucrative independent regional representative positions. It will then seek to fill the remaining positions from those in the wider world of ladies' golf, who are as yet unaware of ALG's arrival and success.
Women remain a minority in the golf world with, on average, only 103 lady members per club in the 2,500 golf clubs in the UK and Ireland*.
“Golfing associations are typically preoccupied with the interests of young and low handicap players. So, it's hardly surprising that the vast majority of older, high handicap lady golfers frequently feel that they lack the opportunities to get the most out of their sport," explains Casie McDonald Wood.
"This is the gap ALG intends to fill. Many women take up golf and then give up after a couple of years for reasons including lack of encouragement, the wrong equipment, insufficient coaching and feeling like second-class club members.
"We are providing them with a solid reason to continue with the sport", says Casie.
AmateurLadyGolfer regional representatives will be joining what is already a thriving enterprise. ALG was launched in November 2005.
The community has since attracted almost 1,000 members. Over 600 ALG members from more than 200 golf clubs in every 'corner' of the British Isles have participated in the 2006 singles and pairs summer knockouts, birdie tree and par ladder competitions.
ALG has a host of other initiatives under development; these are focused on the interests and needs of ladies' sections of golf clubs, and the lady golfers they represent.
ALG has also launched the first "fantasy manager” game based on women's sport – the Ladies' European Tour – as part of its commitment to foster greater interest in every aspect of ladies’ golf.
For further information, contact:
Casie McDonald Wood, Lady Amateur Golfer
Tel: 01962 793803