Monday, April 21, 2003

FIFE COUNTY LADIES' GOLF ASSOCIATION - LORNA BENNETT (Ladybank) won the Fife County Championship at St Andrews Bay yesterday beating Jo Carthew (also of Ladybank) in the final. The match went to the last green and was played in very windy conditions. This is the fifth time that Lorna has won the title, her last win being in 1994.

In the semi-finals, Lorna defeated Lorna Fury (Thornton) 6 & 5 and Jo beat Krystle Caithness (St Regulus) 5 & 3.

In earlier rounds of the Championship, Alison White (St Rule) beat defending Champion Susan Millar at the 20th. She was then beaten by Lorna Bennett (1 hole). One of the most exciting matches was the quarter-final between 14 year old Krystle Caithness and Fiona Lockhart also of
St Regulus. The match went to the 19th where Krystle won with a birdie 3.