Saturday, November 09, 2002

Well, midnight has come and gone and I still cannot keep my promise to give you the end of play news from the final day of the United States Futures Tour Qualifying School at Lakeland, Florida.
The Futures Tour website service which has been so good over the first three days is just not functioning. The tournament must have been over for hours and they still have not updated the "old news" they had about the third round.
It cannot be a case of bad weather wiping out play because I've already obtained news from the US PGA Tour Qualifying School Stage 2 events in Florida and the US PGA Champions (formerley Seniors) Tour regional qualifying events, also in Florida, and also played Friday.
I'm going to give it until 1a.m. our time. If I have no news to tell you at that time, I'm off to bed and I'll try again at 8.30am Saturday when I should be able to tell you if Heather Stirling and Linzi Morton have made it among the 38 leaders and ties who were guaranteed full playing rights for the 2003 US Futures Tour.
Sorry to disappoint you.
Colin Farquharson.