KirkwoodGolf: New partnership grows the game with a fun message

Saturday, December 16, 2017

New partnership grows the game with a fun message

England Golf Insight Manager Tom Allen (left)
and Paradise Island’s Crag Nichol shake on the new partnership.

England Golf is highlighting the fun side of the sport by partnering with Paradise Island Adventure Golf to grow the game.

The two organisations have agreed to work together to get more people playing golf, to improve the image of the game and to make golf more welcoming to all.

Paradise Island Adventure Golf has six indoor centres across the UK, with four in England, offering fun for all - children, family, friends and workmates. Each venue has two 18-hole courses with very special tropical and exotic challenges, including shipwrecks, pirates and temple ruins.

It’s a formula which attracts huge numbers of people – with thousands taking part in the annual Open Championship challenge – and for many it’s their first taste of golf.

Abbie Lench, England Golf’s Head of Club Support, commented: “This is a very exciting partnership and we are delighted to be working with Paradise Island Adventure Golf who are introducing so many people to the game.

“They are focussing on providing what their customers want and their popularity shows that there are many different ways to enjoy golf. Adventure golf is a great way to start playing and having fun and hopefully it will encourage many people to move outdoors and on to the traditional golf course. They’ll find plenty of adventure there too!”

Paradise Island Adventure Golf has centres in Cheshire, Derby, Manchester and Sheffield and two in Scotland, in Glasgow and Livingston.

Marketing Manager Craig Nichol said: “We are very excited to be working with England Golf. At Paradise Island we strive to create a friendly atmosphere where the focus is on the fun side of golf. Our customer demographics cover a wide range of golfer and non golfer participants, but is mostly families with young children.

“Football across our sites has seen steady growth over the last few years and we’ve been able to utilise market research by England Golf on youth segmentation to help us understand age demographics, participation rates and help engage a broader audience.