KirkwoodGolf: East Lothian County v Lanarkshire County

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

East Lothian County v Lanarkshire County

The winter friendly match between East Lothian and Lanarkshire Counties was played at Strathaven GC on Sunday 30th October in what proved to be a lovely autumn day.
The games were played in great spirit and 4 of the 5 matches went to the 18th. One match finished at the 16th.
It was not sure if they had decided that since they were at the clubhouse so there was no point playing up the hill just to come down again or if they hoped to gate crash the Halloween party in the clubhouse and dook for some apples.
 While they did not have to trick or treat they all did enjoy some very good soup and sandwiches after the match.
 And the result? East Lothian won 3.5 - 1.5. A good start to the winter season.

To see some photographs - courtesy of Jean Macintyre  -- Click Here to go to Facebook photos