KirkwoodGolf: NEW EDITORS -- ???? !!!!

Thursday, September 01, 2016

NEW EDITORS -- ???? !!!!

I expect you are all wondering what has happened to the top banner,  and why Carol and I are the new Editors of KirkwoodGolf.

As you will know, Colin Farquharson has been our Editor for over 10 years... and has done the most fantastic job keeping you up to date with all that is going on in the world of golf.  Thank you Colin for all your posts ... over 16,000 of them... and all your hard work in keeping the readers so fully informed.  You deserve a medal... maybe even a knighthood!

Colin is going to concentrate on his website ScottishGolfView and all his news is going to go on that site, although news with a female/student slant will still appear of KirkwoodGolf.

I'm sure most of you will know Carol Fell.... she has been involved in websites for nearly as long as I have,  and edits the very popular Renfrewshire, West of Scotland and West Vets websites. 

Carol and I are going to keep KirkwoodGolf going.... but we need your help in doing so......

If you have any interesting female news items please send them to us....  or

If you think there is something that we have missed and which should be reported,  then please remind us... and if possible write a few words or send us the link to the story.

Carol and I look forward to keeping you informed.
All the best
Gillian Kirkwood.