KirkwoodGolf: Evanna Hynd is the 2016 Fife Junior Champion

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Evanna Hynd is the 2016 Fife Junior Champion

From L to R Evanna Hynd and Hannah Braidwood
Fife held their Junior Championship at Ladybank today - Sunday 4th September
Winner of the Patrick Trophy and Champion was Evanna Hynd, Glenrothes 85 (bih) Runner up was Anna Mckay, Crail 85
Winner of the Junior Cup was Hannah Braidwood, Ladybank 88-15 = 73 Runner up was Charlene Wilson, St Regulus 93-11 = 82 .
The Juniors prizegiving also took place today Spring meeting winner - Evanna Hynd (69) Summer meeting winner - Hannah Braidwood (67) 

 Prize winners - Left to right:  President - Christine Steedman,  Anna Mckay,  
Evanna Hynd, Hannah Braidwood,  Charlene Wilson, Guest Joan Blyth 
Christine Steedman

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