Tuesday, August 23, 2016

One Governing Body for Golf in Ireland

Joint Statement
23 August 2016
The Irish Ladies Golf Union (ILGU) and the Golfing Union of Ireland (GUI) have been discussing the potential formation of One Governing Body (OGB) for Golf in Ireland.
 The OGB Discussion Group held consultation sessions with a number of Golf Club members and Union representatives during April and May of this year, across seven different locations in Ireland. The purpose of these initial consultation meetings was for the Discussion Group to gather feedback from both club members and union officials on the thoughts of creating One Governing Body for Golf in Ireland.
The sessions were facilitated by an independent consultant and there is broad acceptance that OGB is a good idea and, if done well, will underpin the success of golf into the future 
The next steps in the process involve establishing a Future Club Formation Sub Group. Vacancies have been advertised for positions and the Discussion Group are seeking to recruit volunteers who will review the current range of golf club management structures and propose models of good governance for the future.
There are other internal sub groups who have begun work in the areas of Finance, Communications and Organisational Structure. As the discussions progress further, there will be other areas which the Discussion Group will seek involvement in - Club Services, Game Development, International Relations, Championships, Volunteerism and High Performance and Coaching.
A second round of consultation, in the form of town hall meetings and an online survey will be carried out later this year. The online survey will incorporate feedback from the completed first round of consultation and will focus more closely on specific questions regarding the potential for OGB for Golf in Ireland.  The town hall meetings will then be carried out after the results of the survey are compiled.
Sinead Heraty                                                               Pat Finn
CEO                                                                                CEO
Irish Ladies’ Golf Union                                                Golfing Union of Ireland