KirkwoodGolf: Bel Wardle and Alison Muirhead in demand by USA colleges

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bel Wardle and Alison Muirhead in demand by USA colleges

From: Andy Newman

Terrific event (British girls' open championship) for Bel Wardle (pictured right) and Alison Muirhead last week. Both girls are going to have lots of options. My phone and email have been ringing off the hook since the English girls championship and last week just sent it into overdrive !!

For 2017 we have had the following commit so far:
Olivia Hamilton – College of Charleston
Megan Clarke – Western Kentucky
Christofer Rahm [Swedish kids from Dubai] – UNLV
Niamh Lendrum – Missouri State University
Jamie Stewart – University of Missouri
Kids still speaking to colleges:
Esme Hamilton
Bel Wardle
Becky MacLaren
Tiago Lobo
Will McCarthy
Callum Bruce
Scott Young – brother of Clara
Lauren Lee
Alison Muirhead
2016 WE HAD:
Cameron Pettigrew – Ohio Valley
Rob Cull – Missouri Valley University
Rory Franssen – University of Missouri
Matthew McCulloch – Oakland University
Chris Handy – Oakland University
Alex Chalk – Seton Hall University
Eloise Healy – University of Wisconsin
Holly Morgan – Chattanooga
Aashaka Desai – University of Delaware
Ashleigh Greenham – Arizona State to Rutgers on a transfer
Andrew Thompson – Cypress College, California
Tom Probin – Irvine Valley, California
Joe McDonagh Brown – Southern Wesleyan University
Zac Chegwidden – William Penn University
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