Thursday, August 04, 2016

England North win Vets' title at Panmure

The Winners... England North

England North won the Veteran Ladies Golf Association Jamboree at Panmure Golf Club today. North and South both won twice and halved with each other to gain 2.5 points each.
The results were determined by the aggregate of individual match points; 17.5 to 15.5.

Scotland lost 6-3 to England on the final day
Foursomes: 1-2
Lorna McKinlay and Lesley Lloyd lost to Amanda Mayne and Jo Galway 5 and 3
Alex Glennie and Mary Smith lost to Felicity Christine and Katherine Russell 2 and 1
Fiona de Vries and Meg Sievwright beat Chris Quinn and Jenny Deeley 2 and 1.
Singles: 2-4
Sheena Wood lost to Jo Sturrocks 4 and 3
Gillian Kyle beat Felicity Christine 2 holes.
Meg Sievwright lost to Aileen Greenfield 1 hole.
Alex Glennie lost to Jo Galway 2 holes.
Mary Smith lost to Amanda Mayne 2 and 1.
Lesley Lloyd beat Katherine Russell 1 hole.

Foursomes: 1-2
Debbie Warren and Lindsey Shaw beat Caroline Berry and Sue Dye 2 and 1.
Carol Wild and Mary MacLaren lost to Gill Mellor and Cath Rawthore 5 and 4
Sue Spencer and Sally Sketcher lost to Julie Wheeldon and Ally Hansen 3 and 2.
Singles: 1.5-4.5
Helen Lowe lost to Caroline Berry 2 and 1
Debbie Warren halved with Cath Rawthore
Mary MacLaren lost to Karen Jobling 6 and 4
Lindsey Shaw lost to Karen Lee 6 and 4
Sally Sketcher lost to Gill Mellor 4 and 2
Sue Spencer beat Ally Hansen 2 and 1

League Table

North 2.5pts (17.5 games won)
South 2.5 pts (15.5) 
Midlands 1 pt (14)
Scotland 0 pt (7)

Better Luck next time!
Scotland give the thumbs up to show that they are still cheerful.

Very back L to R: Mary Smith and Emma Wilson (Vice-President)
Kneeling: L to R: Lesley Lloyd, Fiona de Vries, Meg Sievwright, Sheena Wood, Alex Glennie, Lorna McKinlay, Gillian Kyle.
Front: L to R: Ellie Whyte (Vice-Captain), Kathleen Sutherland (Captain)