Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jacqueline Cameron wins Angus county 

in third final

Jacqueline Cameron (Blairgowrie), who as Jacqueline Sneddon was beaten finalist in 2013 and 2015, today won the Angus women's county championship for the first time.
Married in March, Jacqueline (pictured with the larger championship trophy, alongside Gillian) beat defending champion and leading qualifier, Gillian Paton (Royal Montrose), by 3 and 2 in the final at Brechin Golf Club today.
In last year's final Paton beat Sneddon (as she was then) by the same margin. 

In today's final, both had birdies on par 5 fourth hole and Gillian had a birdie 2 on next . Jacqueline birdied the eighth and was one up at the turn.
Jacqueline birdied par 4 12th to go two up and went three ahead at the 13th. Gillian birdied par  5 14th hole to get back to two down but Cameron won the 15th to restore her three-hole advantage and a half at the 16th ended a very good match of considerable quality.
In the morning semi-finals, Jacqueline beat Jackie Brown 4 and 3, while Gillian beat Louise Graham (Carnoustie Ladies) 5 and 3.

Gillian Paton (Royal Montrose) bt Louise Graham (Carnoustie Ladies) 5 and 3

Jacqueline Cameron (Blairgowrie) bt Jackie Brown (Monifieth) 4  and 3.


Cameron bt Paton 3 and 2

Jan Ord wins all-Forfar Handicap Championship Final

The handicap championship ended up with an all-Forfar final in which Jan Ord beat Liz Husband by 3 and 1.
Liz never led but kept pulling her opponent back from two to only one up. The last time was the 16th.
Order then clinched the title by winning the 17th.

In the Handicap Final. The hole by holes was
Hole                       Jan                         Liz
1                              1 up
2                                       All square
3                              1 UP
4,5                          2UP
6                              1 UP
7                              2 UP
8-10                       1 UP
11                           2 UP
12-13                     1 UP
14                           2 UP
15                           1 UP
16                           2 UP
17                           3 and 1 WIN.



Jan Ord (Forfar) bt Jodie Taylor (Downfield)  1 hole

Liz Husband (Forfar) bt Mandy Barlow (Montrose Mercantile)  4 and 2


Ord bt Liz Husband  3 and 1.

Liz Husband (left) and Jan Ord

+Pictures and information provided by Angela Campbell.